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  1. Me and Hoosier Daddy got on an undisclosed body of water on Sunday, and one of the best days of fishing I've had in quite some time. Along with a slew of smallies, we managed a few pikers, including this dandy. My fish de-liar measuring tape only went to 26", so we are estimating that this fish went somewhere in the 32"-34" range.
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    I give you a 32 :)
    Nice pike esp. for Ohio

  3. i dont think that was in ohio. i could be wrong but i know one place other that erie near toledo where i ve caught 30+ in pike.
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    I could be wrong, but I would swear I have seen quite a few post from the Cuyahoga with 30in + pike.
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    Very nice Ohio Pike! Gratz on the great catch!
  6. Very nice pike. I love catching pike, never caught one in Ohio but I'm in the southern part of the state. Have caught lots of them in MN and they are a blast on top water baits, they taste great also!
  7. Nice Pike, FYI there are plenty of them in southern ohio.

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  8. twistertail, the first pike I ever caught was from one of the ponds on the AEP property. At that time it was still called Ohio Power. I'm sure that there's still some in there, you just have to do some walking.
  9. Where at in southern Ohio did you get that? Very nice.

  10. I've heard of them at AEP before but have never caught one.
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    "undisclosed"... why even bother posting. What would this board be like if everyone was that way?
  12. So the guy just wanted to show off a rare catch for NW Ohio, big deal. I know that pike, especially big pike are quite uncommon in NW Ohio, and if I caught one I wouldn't disclose the location on here either. If he had disclosed the location you and probably most people who read the post would be fishing that same spot hard right now. Then suppose some of them start catching and keeping the pike. There are all too many anglers who keep everything they catch and don't consider conservation of an uncommon species. For a lot of anglers, a 30 inch pike (though not a trophy sized pike)might be their largest catch ever, and they would feel compelled to take the fish home just to show it off. Since there is no pike stocking (that I'm aware of) in the NW OH area, it is crucial that all pike caught be released back if there is to ever be any kind of real pike fishery.

    I personally love seeing pictures of people's catches. Nice catch Bucket Mouth, and thank you for sharing. So we don't know just where you caught the fish, but at least the NW OH anglers have some renewed hope of catching a decent sized pike close to home.

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    theres quite a few pike in the cuyahoga, and a 30+ inch is a quality fish.
  14. Awesome fish man. Thanks for sharing. Looks to be a small stream, i wouldn't disclose that info either.
  15. A true statement. I fished/investigated the bluegrass island area on the Maumee due to the extremely low water levels and had a fellow come up and fish right between the two of us (only two I saw fishing near the island) and proceed to catch a fish on every couple off casts on worms - catfish from 6" up along with a few other species - all small, nothing over a foot. Everything that was brought in went into the basket, packed up to the top with no room for the fish to move around. The same type of guy would probably clean out a smaller area if he found out about it. I have no idea how he will clean those 6"-8" channels. A few of the fish stuffed in the basket looked like little undersized "warreyes".

    Best to keep the specifics off the public board unless within a park or well known landmark. I don't mind sharing explicit results about places like bluegrass or jerome rapids on the maumee, but would only share results about the small ________ creek via PM or providing just a general area, as the original poster did.
  16. Sorry KaGee, I would love to spill the beans on this place....not really. This spot was shown to me, and I cannot give out someone else's spot. I am fortunate enough to have been in the right place at the right time, and although everyone loves to brag about this fish or that spot, I am not at liberty to divulge any other info. People who entrust other people with their locations are rare. I don't like to break other's trust in me just as I don't like to have anyone break mine.

    I went to the same spot I caught that guy again on Tuesday for about 2 hours for the evening bite and all I managed was 1 dink smallmouth. For all I know, it could've been lightning in a bottle.

    Besides, I just figured out how to get pics from phone onto the internet and I had to show this guy off. Sorry to disappoint.
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    Nice fish, if you don't want to tell where you caught it that's your prerogative and your right. Keep the fish porn comin', I for one enjoy seeing pics of fish that others catch. If you told everyone that you caught it in Lake Erie there would be atleast one "fisherman" pi$$ed off that you didn't give your GPS coordinates. As for the negative comments, everyone is entitled to having a bad day I guess, don't let it dissuade you from posting great catches like that in the future. You can't and won't please everyone !
  18. I don't think the purpose of this board is to disclose favorite hot spots. If it is, it needs to be rethought. You want to talk about stratagies, that's a different story. Do some work and find your own honey holes, rather than rely on someone else telling you where theirs is.
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    Keep the pics and stories coming, I love to see what others are catching and hear about their experiences... could care less if the place is mentioned.
  20. I have either caught, or witnessed, pike caught out of the cuyahoga river (largest being 32 inches), maumee river (33 icher at the dam along with some hamer handles....all in the spring), grand river (all hammer handles), portage quarry (some over 10 lbs), Lorain and Cleveland Harbors (witnessed a 13 year old kid catch one that was easily over 30 inches right before dark on a husky jerk), and the portage river (an old timer caught a 34 incher on a dead creek chub fishing for cat fish)....all of these bodies of water are in northern Ohio. In my opinion, there are pike in ever major river system. Most don't have a fishable populations, but a few do.