Nice Catfish

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  1. Its the cat in the pic next to my name! Couldn't get it to come up here...sorry! Caught a few nights ago in the Scioto...went a tad over 46lbs...:B
    Live Bluegill was the bait of choice!
  2. WOw very nice fish congrats i only can wish i will ever get one that big. What did you end up doin with it?

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    Nice fish Congrats.
  5. I am a firm believer in catch and release! The only thing I usually eat around here are a few crappie in the spring when I catch 100 or more and fill taking 15-20 wouldn't hurt anything!
    So she is indeed back in the river to be caught another day!
  6. Congrats on the nice fish. And thanks for releasing her to fight another day.
  7. Very nice they are a awesome fish!!
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    Nice flathead!

    Glad it was released to grow, spawn, and
    maybe thrill another catman.
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    very nice flathead.
  10. Nice fish bud. Goog job on the release.
  11. Thanks everyone! She put up one he** of a fight! Hopefully someone else can hook into her someday when she weighs over 50! :)