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  1. well, today my brother left to go to a week long stay at camp friedlander with his scout troop. i decided to go along and get some fishing in at lake marge schott. i arrived around 1 and didnt catch anything but a little 8 inch bass for the first 3 hours. Around 430 i got a bite, but nothing. This went on for 15 minutes, and i finnally hooked into a catfish. When i finally got it ashore, i saw that it was a channel cat, weighing 10 lbs and 28 inches, good enough for my 2nd biggest channel. About 1/2 hour later, i caught a 7.5 lb, 28 inch channel. It was a good day in my opinion because i dont know that many places to bankfish for catfish in sw ohio so it really turned out nicely:D i would post some pics but i dont know how to get them from my cell phone to the computer.
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    If ya use verizon just go to "Get it now" -> "Get pix and flix" -> "My pix" -> Select the photo you want to upload -> Go to options -> then select "To pix place. "Then it will upload and log into If you don't already have an account just create one :)