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  1. I can't wait to get up to Lake Erie for the jig bite, but I decided that will have to wait a few more days. With the fishin fever setting in hard I decided to head out to the local pond for a couple hours this afternoon. It spit rain a few times, but not enough to drive me off the water. I started with a jerk bait with no takers. Then I switched to a spinner bait and had four quick strikes. Hooked every one, but managed to loose every one before I got them to shore. They all looked like they were nice size. Decided to try a live night crawler since I was having a hard time getting a good hook set. Caught my first bass and it measured 18 inches. I had some of those pricey gulp minnows that sell for $20 a jar so I thought I would give one a try. Put on a small beetle spin tipped with the gulp minnow. About the third cast hooked up with another 18 incher. Noting else on the minnow. Went back to the spinner determined to drive the hook into any bass that messed with me. Ended up with six bass caught, four on the spinner, and four bass missed on the spinner. That means I had 10 hookups in two hours. Not too bad for March 31! I would say the bass are definitely ready to go. I did go out to the same pond about a week ago and caught one bass that day. It was pale, but the bass today had real good color and were chunky as could be. Nice healthy fish! Here are the pictures. :D






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    sounds like an awesome day. good job on that. those are nice looking fish too.

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  4. Nice fish man !! Keep ripping lip !!

    Keep fishin,
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    Nice day for sure.
    I got to remember my camera next time.:D
  6. second person today to catch bass on a spinnerbait. And I figured the fish would be slow....???

    \Nice job
  7. Nice job, nothing like a farmpond to get things rolling!!!