Niagra River 6/09

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    I am making a trip to the falls this june and wanting to fish the niagra river does anyone know any spots or maybe what to fish for that time of year ?Thanx for any info!!
  2. The best advise I can offer is to hire a guide. You can have a fabulous day on the river with a guide or a less than memorable one on your own.

  3. its a fun trip,,I would also take a guide for at least 1 day,,if anyone in your group is scared of fast water they should stay home ,,nothing like running at half throttle and setting still in the river...
  4. maybe smallies by then, dunno I've only fished it once. but I will say it FRICKEN ROCKED!! I would atleast talk to some guides and see what they say. you could try for carp, I hear they get big there.
  5. If you’re on the Canadian side of the falls………

    I fish the upper Niagara when I’m in the area - for muskie. The SM are aggressive and will even nail a huge inline spinner. There are plenty of public places to launch on the Canadian side between Niagara and Fort Erie. I usually motor over to the NY side, cut the motor and let the river carry me along and just cast away.

    That’s zone 19 – here is the Canadian regulations for the upper Niagara.

    There’s also the “Whirlpool” if you do not have a boat. You can easily fish this from shore but you’ll have to walk down the gorge which is not too bad – it’s the walk back up that’ll get you :). But the fishing can be good and everything that swims in the great lakes is in there. Be careful near the “Whirlpool”.

    The “Whirlpool” is zone 20.

    As suggested you can always hire a guide. There are plenty.
  6. The bar always holds some type of fish. I believe I would start there if I was
    confined to the river or in shore fishing.
  7. striperswiper

    striperswiper Catfisherman for life;)

    thanx for all the info im sure it will come on handy while fishing ;)
  8. I too recommend getting a guide. It's a big river that can be intimidating. Also, the Devil's Hole area can be very dangerous if you don't know the river.
  9. The area around Buffalo has some nice muskies...