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  1. myself and two friends spent saturday on the lower niagara steelhead fishing with Capt Frank Campbell, niagara region charters. This guy knows how to put you on the fish. He is a top notch guide with nice equipment. We got on the heavily iced water from 7:30-1. We caught 35 steelies between 5# and 13# and one brown trout. I have never been a steelhead fisherman, but man what a blast. I would recommend him to anyone. I would post some pics, but I have to figure out how to shrink them down first.
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    Bulldog1149........The Niagara River, for anybody that's never fished there, is one fishing trip, most fishermen should take in their life time. I'm glad these three guy's made it there..... I've been lucky enough to fish it several times and it never fails to come thru...... with excitement and beauty. It's got it all,world class trout....salmon...... then there are muskies.....walleyes and you smallmouth fishermen, can katchem to your hearts content. Also have seen some very large perch caught there also. Frank is one of the top notch guides also...even tho I havent fished with him.....I fished with a buddy of his Bruce Blakelock.....who is also a top notched guide.....Guy's,do put this on you HAVE TO DO LIST...........good fishin... Jon Sr.

  3. Did you need a NY fishing license?

    Here's a little "how to" I made for posting pics. Hope it helps.
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    thanks net .. i just learned something lol ill have to try it out when i get back from saginaw
  5. YES Net you do have to have a New York Fishing License. One half of the Niagara is NY the other is Canada.
    As mrphish42 said this is a trip every fisherman has to do.
    P.S. Net thanks for the gallery how to, I printed for later use.
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  6. Always love to hear about a successful outing!!! How close would you guys say this fishing is to the falls area. Sounds like it could be an attraction I'd like to see!!:D
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    BentRod.......Before I made this post, I got on the phone and called friends of mine that own the Riverside Motel in Lewiston N.Y. phone 716-754-4101 and talked to Andrea Blakelock. She and her husband Bruce run a great operation there. She said the "steelhead" fishing was going strong(as per post by Bulldog)......If you ever intend to go fishing there.......give Andera a call and she will treat you right.......PS this area (where we fish) is only six to seven miles down river from the falls.
  8. I stayed at the riverside. It is probably about 5 miles below the falls in lewiston. The fishing was ignorant. I dont know how many we lost, but we had three triples. I already booked two more trips....
  9. that is fun river to fish the boat seem like it is on ice we had to run half throttle to barely move up stream
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    Roger23.... you got that have to experience it to belive it.... oh yes..... the speed of this river is what makes every fish you catch here, the battle of the day....from a 5# trout on up...... So people that have never done this, would find it very hard to believe just how hard a 30# or 40# "KING" can pull in the "Mighty Niagara River"..... try one on for yourself's guy's....... Jon Sr.
  11. :B This a trip all must do, We stayed at the Riverside Motel in Lewiston had the time of my life. Each drift could be a different fish, my first and biggest was my favorite the Lake Trout beautiful colored fish. Anyone that has been there will say the same. No one can discribe the thrill .
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  12. I remember my first steelie trip on the niagara. We caught some
    steelies and decided to go for lakers on the bar. We made the trip
    and caught some nice lakers to boot, but what I remember the most
    is the tears on our guides face freezing as we ran down river. Now thats
  13. Wow! This sounds awesome...Are there any Flathead Catfish in the Niagara?
  14. I wouldn't call it a fishing trip. I would call it a fishing adventure. Only been once and only caught 3 steel. one was a 15 lb male. But WOW!!