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NFL draft

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Rooster, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Who do you want your team to get with their first pick?

    The Steelers have a solid team for next year. They do need to replace Plax in the draft, and WR has to be a day one pick. They also need help in the secondary, and a pass catching TE. I think that they need to balance their need to fill positions, and the best player available. That is, they need to get a WR, CB, and TE. But, they can’t pass up a “better” player at a different position just to fill an immediate need. They do need depth on both sides of the ball, but can use the later rounds for player depth.

    Here is my War Room (in order) for the first two rounds:

    First round:

    Mark Clayton (WR): I think that he will be long gone by the 30th pick, but would love to see him in a Steelers uniform! He is a tuff receiver, and would fit right in with the other WRs. This guy would let us all forget about the loss of Plax.

    Heath Miller (TE): The Steelers have not had a big time TE since Eric Green, but they have not had a QB that could get them the ball either. If Heath Miller falls to the Steelers, they have to pull the trigger on the best TE in the draft. He could make an immediate impact, and provide a big target for Ben.

    Justin Miller (CB): The Steelers only defensive weakness (if they have one) is the lack of a true cover corner. Justin Miller would immediately solve that problem. It is not a very exciting taking the fourth best CB with a first round pick, but if he is there, I fully expect the Steelers to take him. My major concern is that Cowher is very reluctant to start rookie CBs, and Miller might not even get on the field next year.

    Brodney Pool (FS): Another boring first round pick, but this guy would really improve the Steeler’s secondary in the year to come (he would never start over Hope as a rookie). He would take a lot of pressure off the CBs and SS. Pool and Troy would be a SICK pair of safeties. Pool’s strength is coverage, but is knocked for his run support. Troy is a wildman on run support, and they would compliment each other (both would be better players on the same team).

    Matt Roth (DE): I don’t know if this guy fits the Steelers defensive scheme, but he is a Steelers type of player. I’m sure that Dick will find a way to use him. Yes, he is a total maniac! I think that the Steelers have more pressing needs that they could address with the first pick, but would not be disappointed if Roth fell to them.

    Second round:

    Reggie Brown (WR): Plax replacement. If he falls to the second round, the Steelers need to move up and get him!

    Roddy White (WR): see Reggie Brown

    Chris Henry (WR): Head case! Complete opposite of the Steeler mold. A Randy Moss clone. However, he has as much potential as ANY WR in the Draft this year. I have no problem if the Steelers take a chance on this guy in the second round.

    Matt Jones (WR): The Steelers love QBs as WRs! This guy is a physical freak, and does have the potential to be a great WR, or even TE. However, he is not going to make an immediate impact.

    Alex Smith (TE); I really want the Steelers to get a pass catching TE to spread the field, and give Ben another target!
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    matt jones is a freak. 6-6 242lbs and ran a 4.39. Crazy numbers

  3. i feel like this draft is just a bonus for the steelers. Look at the depth they had last year. There is no such thing as a 1 2 & 3 string on this team they can all play.

    But it is always good to hear good thing about Pit here in ohio.
  4. Update:

    I does not look like the Steelers will be targeting a TE in the draft (at least not in the first round). They just signed some ex-Bengals scrub TE, and extended Cushing (TE).

    Now, if Heath Miller is still available at 30, I still think that they should take him. He might not be in the class of elite TE’s, but he would be a great value at 30.
  5. Carpman_1977

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    Definately they should take a look at Miller if he is available at 30. I think he's the #1 rated tight en in the draft, and they'd be a fool not to take him, especially considering how thier tight ends have gotten injured over the past few years. Ben needs targets, and he'd fit in well.

    I think thier needs are really simple. If they do not sign Law (which they've toyed around with) thier needs are CB, WR, TE, and Oline. Now, if they do sign Law, they need to address WR fast. That Wilson guy from SF is just another speed guy, and they need some tall freak who can go downfield and make plays.

    Matt Jones is a freak, and I would LOVE to see the Steelers pick him up in the second round. A 6'6" quaterback who wants to play receiver, runs a 4.4, and he lead the nation last year in red zone offense. Where did the Steelers suffer last year? In the red zone! It would be a match made in heaven. Plus, imagine all the gimmick plays we could have. Imagine having Ward, Randle El, and Jones on the field with Ben. Any one of those 4 guys can take the snap or catch a pass. Sweet!!! :) :)
  6. The Bengals need a run stuffer at the d-line posistion, a safty to go next to our stud Madieu Williams, and a pass catching tightend. Sorry steelers fans but we pick at 17 so we might snag health miller ;) But i would prefer a Defensive player first because our offense doesnt need much help.
  7. davycrockett

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    I love it!!! All this Pitt energy on a Ohio forum! I think their major concern should be aquiring defensive backs. Pitt's secondary has been weak for years. Lets face it, Palomalu is a wild man. With another player of or near his caliber they should be unstoppable. Burris will be missed but Pitt always seems to find quality replacements. Besides, Burris was just a money hungry NFL player. Good luck making it to the big show with New York Plexiglass! Anyways I'm anxious to see who they pick up.
  8. Nice to see the black & gold here. My neighbors at Atwood Lake are Browns fanatics and i am the only Steeler fan in that cluster. At least my team had a season. :D I think Ben was thinking too hard toward the end. Kind of like me when I'm shooting a good score and then try to bear down and finish good. That's when I blow it.

    Plax was too hot & cold for me. I don't mind seeing him go. Another wild man like Hines on the receiver team would be awesome. Hines has no fear!
  9. I believe that the Steelers will suck but not as bad as the Browns. Pittsburgh is an offensive line and defensive secondary away from making a legitimate Superbowl run. One thing people forget to look at is their vulnerability in the special teams aspect too.
    I think Pittsburgh did good when they let Crapsico Burress go. But with only Hines Ward as an established receiver they will definitely have to go for a receiver. Considering they have the 30th pick, I can see them going with Taylor Stubblefield out of Purdue to replace Plax. His speed with Randy EL and Hines could be dangerous!
  10. My bears definately need help scoring points on offense. I think they may take Benson from Texas at #4 pick. Braylon Edwards would be a great pick if he's still there. But the bears are a little shaky about pulling the trigger on a Michigan reciever after David Terrell. I think Derrick Johnson at OLB would be a good pick that would address a need, but I'm sure we'll go offense first. I think when it's all over Derrick Johnson might end up being the best player taken in this draft come 10 years down the road. With the bears they always seem to find great defensive talent in the later rounds so they'll probably go defense in the 4th round. I could see them trading down the 4th pick and trying to recoupe the 3rd round pick they lost in the Marty Booker trade.For all you Matt Jones fans, He's rising on alot of draft boards right now but don't be surprised if he lasts till the late 2nd round or 3rd round. Pittsburgh might get a crack at Troy Williamson out of S. Carolina. He may be the fastest reciever in the draft.
  11. I would agree that Derrick Johnson is the best NFL prospect in the draft. Here is my top 5 in order:

    Derrick Johnson
    Mike Williams
    Adtrel Rolle
    Ronnie Brown
    Braylon Edwards
  12. Derrick Johnson
    Braylon Edwards
    Ronnie Brown
    Antrel Rolle
    Mike Williams/ Shawn Merriman
  13. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I hope the Browns take Charlie Fry From Akron
  14. " At least my team had a season."

    Really? You go 15-1 then lose at HOME in the second round of the playoffs?
    Nice job Cowher. Do me a favor? Sign that guy to a fifty year contract because you'll never win a Super Bowl with him.
    I love all the free agents you guys signed also. Oh wait, you only signed one, a backup offensive lineman that was already on your roster. Send Kendrell Bell a Christmas card for me too! :D
    I'd like to see the Browns take Braylon Edwards or Derrick Johnson, but preferably I'd like to see them trade down to get more picks.
    "Theres gleam men, theres a gleam!"

    P.S.- Its going to be a Blue Christmas in 'da 'burgh!
  15. If the Steelers don’t win the SB, it is a disappointing season for Steeler’s fans.

    If the Browns win over 5 games, the Brown’s fans are satisfied.

    Welcome to the reality of the NFL.
  16. But you HAVENT won since 1980- 25 years of disappointment. My how time flies when you're not having fun. ;)
  17. Yea, it has been a LONG time! A lot of disappointing seasons!

    How long HAS it been since the Brown won a SB?
  18. Lets see, 1...2...3...ok never. BUT that being said, professional football didnt start with the first Super Bowl.

    Browns in NFL Championship Games

    Los Angeles Rams

    Los Angeles Rams

    Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions

    Los Angeles Rams

    Detroit Lions

    Baltimore Colts

    Green Bay Packers

    Baltimore Colts

    Minnesota Vikings