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  1. What does your team need in the draft?

    After the devastating loss in the AFC title game last year, I have been a little slow to look at the draft. Yea, that one hurt! I have yet to look at the available players, but this is how I initially see the Steeler’s needs:

    The Steelers will need to get some depth in the draft, and I look for them to pick-up a MLB , C, and OT in the later rounds.

    The more pressing needs are CB, WR, S and TE (in that order).

    CB: The Steelers had the number one D last year, but once again the D backs got exposed in the playoffs. They need a shut down corner to make it to the next level. I like they young guys, but Ike and Coke have not yet proven that they are the answer. I was hoping that they would get a BIG TIME FA, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. If Ty Law gets healthy, I look for them to pull the trigger. He failed his physical, but being in a cast it was pretty much to be expected. They need to take a CB in the first or second round (or address with a FA).

    S: The Steelers need to put someone next to Polamalu. At this point, he is being limited by the play of the other saftey, not his own ability. Hope is a BIG hitter, but the Steelers need a BIG HITTER that is also a cover guy. They need to take a S in the second or third round.

    WR: Plax was inconsistent, and not as talented as his physical tools would suggest. However, he was the ONLY WR last year that could stretch the field. The Steelers have not had a QB in the last decade, and have not really needed anyone to stretch the field. The do now, and need a WR! I like Randle El as a #3, but I don’t think that he is what the Steelers need as a #2. Cedrick Wilson seems like a “STEELERS” guy, and would be a great #4, but not a #2 or #3. The Steelers need to take a tall WR that can stretch the field in the first or second round.

    TE: Ben used the TE last year, and the Steelers need a monster at TE. Kranchick at 6-7 260 has the physical tools, but got zero playing time last year. TE is the wildcard this year for the draft. If Kranchick is not the answer, they might be forced to take a TE in the first round (Heath Miller). This would further force them to get a WR or CB in FA.
  2. Let me remind you all of my pledge. If the Browns draft or sign Maurice Clarett, I will resign my Clevelandness, and rush out and by a Steeler jersey in a heartbeat.

    Where to start with the Browns. Well, when you change defenses, it could be anywhere. The really need DE's that are versatile against the run and pass. That's mandatory in the 3-4. Don't be surprised if the LB from Texas goes to them at 3. I don't look for them to go DT now that they signed Fisk through FA. The corners are presseing too, and I wouldn't be surprised if Law is brought in following Crennel from NE. The linebackers are deep but largely untalented. They signed Matt Stewart yesterday, and he was on their list from Atlanta. He played in the 3-4 there.

    The offense is just that, offensive. I do not want any of the QB's from the west coast. The Dilfer signing leads me to believe they think McCown can be the guy in a year, and if not, maybe the QB selection will be better. They don't need a RB, Suggs or Green can do the job with a better OL. But don't be surprised if Brown or Benson are taken making Suggs and/or Green expendable. TE/WR is alright. They just need a QB to throw to, who has a line to protect him. C is locked to Faine, Andruzzi and Coleman at G, and I think the Browns will take Jamal Brown from OKLAHOMA and he'll play opposite Verba.. That's what I'm hoping at least.

    If not, hell trade down, and take Nugent late in round one. He's the only certifiable HOF in this draft anyhow.


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    The bengals could go a number of ways in the first round. They were a lock to get a DT until the Bryan robinson signing. They need a speedster WR just to keep a safety back, this all depends on whether or not warrick is released. A pass rusher could be another option if a good one is still on the board. A safety(Thomas Davis) could be another route. I think the bengals are going to take the best available player, and get a C in the second round, if a top one is still there to replace Braham after this year.
  4. Well, lets see, they screwed up for how many years with their draft picks?
    Something to think about, if I had the money to start a new franchise what I would do is wait until the draft is over and then talk to all the men that were not picked and sign them on. I think that they would play their hearts out. What do you think?
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    Honestly, I feel as if there are no franchise players in this years draft. The Browns are in a predicament where no matter who they choose, they can likely get the same quality player further down in the 1st round. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they should trade down and see what they can get. Obviously now they now have few D-lineman left, so they need some players there. They've got the running back settled now, and there are no real franchise quaterbacks to choose from (Frye later on in the 1st or early second?) so trade down to get the picks.

    Now for my beloved Steelers, its hard to say who they will get. Obviously, they do have some holes to fill (WR, CB, and TE in my preference) but beign so far down in the first round is difficult. They need to take thge best player available, no ifs ands or buts. I saw the WR from South Carolina (Troy Williamson, 6'2") and he would be a good fit, but who knows. Why they signed that WR from SF I have no idea. He is another Ward/Randle El and that's NOT what they need. They need the big guy downfield to throw the longballs to, not the spped guys underneath. CB? Yes, they need help, but whether or not they can do it with the draft or Free agency (Law) wil be seen. I'd like ot see Law suit up for his hometeam, but that's likely not going to happen.

    We'll just have to wait and see.
  6. from a friend who works in the Cleveland media that the Browns are leading heavily towards Pac-man Jones, the CB from WVU. I think they'd love to trade down, but there isn't much interest from other teams since this draft does not have many superstars. The trade with Denver tells me two things: one, the Browns will have to invest in D-lineman to switch the defense to the 3-4, and they need more O-lineman to establish a running game. I do not think they are interested in either of the QB's at the front end of the draft, which will push them and the other QB's like Frye later into the draft. Don't get me wrong, I'm pulling for the UA kid, but I wouldn't put much faith in a Senior Bowl performance. There is no defense, and his throws seemed on target but wobbly. I think Dilfer this year, and McCown next, unless the crop of QB's is better than this year.

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    I think the buzz w/ the Bengals is the possibility of takign that TE w/ pick #17. I'm not sold on that idea, but then again I'm nto sold on anything.
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    The Bengals need defense. So I am expecting a defensive lineman or defensive end. I wouldn't be surprised to see them draft a TE either.

    However, I think they need to draft a good Center/Guard. Rich Braham is in his 13 year (if or when he gets re-signed) and has been banged up the last few years. In Bob Brat.'s offense the Center position is like the catcher's position in baseball. The Center calls all of the blocking scheme's at the line of scrimmage. Its a very important position and is in need of a player that can make good decisions in an instant. They might be able to get a quality one in the 2nd or 3rd round though. Just depends on the "best player available" at the time I guess.
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    The Steelers are just a tougher version of the Cleveland Creampuffs!
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    Offensive lineman is always a good way to go . Also, linebackers would be nice. Defensive end also....... We don't need skilled players on offense . Nor will the Bengals for quite some time. We have the core players signed for quite a few years .......... I still say Offensive linemen and sign free agents at defense.............. As far as the Steelers go, they got old and old quick... Not good........... THE CATKING !!! :)
  11. "And with the third pick the Cleveland Browns select Braylon Edwards."
    I hope I hope I hope...