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  1. So w/ Quinn and D.A out now and with dorsey as the qb , we wont win another game this season, so therefore who do we draft, Crabtree or hope Edwards just had a bad year and go after a LB, such as Rey Maualuga from U.S.C or Laurinaitis, or do we go after a CB, right now they have us drafting Ricky Sapp, who is DE/OLB, from Clemson in the mock draft, Whats everyone think ?

    Here's how the mock draft is looking right now...................
  2. Katking - I think the draft positions in that website were based on pre-season projections of how good the teams were expected to perform. The Browns should be picking between 4 and 12 not 23rd...I 'd still go for Crabtree if available, I think he may be the best player in college regardless of position. Edwards proved that the Browns need 2 wideouts. No Jurivicous and the whole offense went to the outhouse.

    Here's another viewpoint

  3. Yeah that draft is dated 4/30/08 and I wish the Browns were anywhere near that good. Here is a more recent post from last week. It has the Browns picking Chris Wells at 11 overall. A little more realistic position for us to be picking at. I love Beanie, but I think we have bigger problems than running back.
  4. ya after i read that i realized what the date was on it, but ya i totally agree i like beanie but i think we have to work on our defense before anything else