NFL Conference Championship Picks

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BassCrazy, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Let's have 'em.

    My picks:

    NE - 31
    SD - 27

    Unless Rivers doesn't play, then who knows!

    GB - 27
    NYG - 13
  2. New England - 38
    San Diego - 20

    Green Bay - 31
    New York - 21

  3. Ne 38
    Sd 13

    Gb 31
    Ny 16
  4. N.E. 27
    S.D. 21

    G.B 17
    N.Y.G. 14

    Dress warm and enjoy the games.
  5. WVridgeRunner

    WVridgeRunner Veteran

    san diego-38
    new england-34

    new york-23
    green bay-21
  6. I guess I will take a shot at this. I can guarantee that I will not miss as many as last week. There are only 2 games to picks.:D

    I am going to stick with the favorites in both games. I think both will be decent games but not real tightly contested. I look for the Patriots to pile on the points again although they may yield a few. Their defense is probably only average which is good enough to win when you have the offense they do.

    Pats 41
    Chargers 24

    I think the Packers proved last week how tough it is to beat them in January in Lambeau. I look for the same to be true this week. Eli has made some plays but ultimately I think his mistakes will show when forced to make plays late in the game. Favre is on a mission and is showing how good he can still be when he has talent around him.

    Packers 30
    Giants 20