Next Season College Rankings

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by buzzedredneck, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Anybody Cares To Give Their Opinion On What The Rankings Might Be?
  2. has the following list: I think that it will be pretty close

    1. USC
    2. GA
    3. Ohio State
    4. Oklahoma
    5. Mizzo

    That rounds out the top 5. Funny thing though: USC loses at least 10 starters and are picked as the preseason #1????????? Can't wait until we play them the 3rd game of the season next year!!!!

  3. ParmaBass

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    Ohio State's warm up games will be against Youngstown St. and Ohio U. and USC plays Virginia. That's a big jump in competion, Virginia's bench could probably beat YU and OU's best.
  4. jeffmo

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    well,on september 13th the bucks play slouch there.
  5. Well I'm sure that the consensus #1 team would have to be West Virginia :D ...

    But on a serious note...

    I think rivals was pretty close...not that pre-season rankings mean anything in college football.
  6. WVU will be in the top 5 again. They aren't losing many of their top players.

    Go Mountaineers!