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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Orlando, Jul 23, 2005.

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    I heard that they are discontinuing the current Shimano Curado for a suposeably new and improved model. I don't know why they can't leave a good thing alone. The bad news is the price is going up. So if you are a fan of the Curado you better get them befroe they are all gone.I copied the following from a web site.

    The most exciting thing about the new Curado is HEG (High Efficiency Gearing), a system that uses much larger gears to provide more leverage and fish moving power. Here's where it gets really interesting for power fisherman. The implementation of HEG enabled Shimano to offer one model, the CU201DHSV (Spring 06') with a blistering fast 7.0:1 gear ratio that pulls in 30-inches of line per crank, and still have the power to pull a fish out of heavy cover. The new Curado D's now offer premium level performance, and will bear a new price of $199.99 per copy.
  2. If the new Curados are as good if not better than the current ones, I will be more than happy to pay the extra money. I called the Shimano customer service line last week becasue I lost the tension knob and spring for my Curado. They are sending it for free in the mail. I hope to get it today. I know it ain't much, but in today's take it or leave it business world, I'll take it. I hear many of the guys on hear talk the same way about their rods from G Loomis or St. Croix. I fully intend on upgrading to a rod maker that offers lifetime warranty on their product, even if I have to pay more for it to begin with.


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    The only problem I have with it is alot of times the new and improved isn't as good as the older style. Take the old Lews BB-1'S for example. Used excellent condition ones are selling for $80.00 - $90.00 as the new styles arn't as good.
  4. If anyone is interested, I am selling my Curado 201/All-Pro rod. Nothing wrong with it, I just prefer spinning. It has hardly been used......I don't have the patients for it :eek:

    Combo ran me around $180 or so......will sell for $90
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    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Is it a rod reel combo or just a rod? Thanks
  6. I'd be interested in your combo BottomBouncer. What is the gearing and is it left handed retrieve?

  7. Both, rod and reel.

    It is left hand, 6.2:1.
  8. I have always thought that a 7.0:1 gear ratio indicated that (1) crank of that handle would be equal to (7.0) revolutions of the spool. Can someone please clarify/explain? Thanks!

    I’m a little disappointed to see the Curado change (I own 6 201 SF’s). But, I’m happy that they will be on SALE when the new models are available! Althought the new models sound good too.