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    Hi Everyone - great site! I hail from Gatineau, Quebec am retired and fish all points north of my home. Spend a lot of time on the Gouin Reservoir, La Verendrye Park and numerous other locations. If in any way I can provide some help or extra insight to the fishing scene in Quebec - just ask. One of my prime goals is to get down to Erie and fish some of those sumo walleye you have down there.

    Y'all have a great day and see you on the water.
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    Welcome to the site McQ!

    I've spent a lot of time up your way in the past (Remigny/Matagami/Notre Dam Du Nord) and can't wait to return. Beautiful country, awesome fishing, and ice cold beer that will knock you into next week. I would almost say it's heaven up there, but then I remember the black flies :D

    Again, welcome to OGF...and make it a point to come down south for some Erie won't be disappointed.

  3. Great to have some one from up north on here.

    Be sure to give us reports of all the great fishing up your way.
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    McQ Fishing Quebec

    I fished the season opener on the Gouin Reservoir at Nemio River Outfitters. This is my report on the location and the fishing. I do post my reports regularly on my group site at but I will be pleased to post them here too.

    What a great trip, went in Saturday morning May 22nd and the gravel road was as smooth as a super highway. Arrived just shortly after noon, had a quick bite of lunch and my partner headed out in a camp boat to fish the river. I stayed behind to get caught up with the camp owner on all the happenings since our last meeting at the Gatineau show.

    I did get to wet a line off the dock later in the afternoon and the walleye were there - put a 24", 20" and 18" walleye towards the chef's request "get some fresh filets for supper". Gaston came back just a bit before 7 o'clock with his share of the pot and we managed to feed 11 people. Wish we could do the groceries every day as cheaply and with such ease.

    Sunday morning dawned bright and cold - major front and the fishing was slow all day for walleye, we managed to catch and release a couple of dozen of the big eyed critters but the pike made up for the lack of walleye bite with more than 20 coming to the boat on our small walleye baits.

    Monday was more of the same with the air temps just above freezing and a brisk wind out of the east. This was when I appreciated the location of the outfitter the most. The river offers up so much varied location that it was easy to find spots to fish without being blown all over the place. Not only that - the fishing was great too. We had our bait selection down to gold "Hot n Tots" and black/gold "Fin S Fish" 4" minnows for jigging. The days catch yielded a limit of walleye for the evening meal and we managed to have a bit more fun with the cooperative Pike with a 42"er to anchor the string.

    Overnight the temps warmed and Tuesday was a shirt sleeve day, trolling and drifting lindy rigs with a float and nightcrawler was the key for active walleye. We fished areas that were necked down by islands with repeated success. By count the afternoon bite totalled 55 walleye and 32 Northerns and we were very busy with double headers a few times. We kept a limit of 8 walleye each to bring home.

    Here's a pic of my partner Gaston and lodge owner Alain Guimond with our Tuesday limit.

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    Really glad to have you join us on our site. Boy, now we have connections up North. I own a place in McGreager Bay Canada along with a few other Retired Firefighters. Been going up there 28 years. Great country. Again welcome.
  6. Sounds like you had one heck of an opener, great job. I bet those walleyes tasted great coming fresh out of that cold clean water! Wish the fishing down here was as good.:mad:
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    Hi Mac-Q enjoy it here lots of good people................. :cool:
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    Thank you for joining the site. It is nice to have a member from your area.Looking forward to some nice reports ;) . CATKING
  9. Welcome aboard McQ. Nice walleye too. Hope to hear more great reports from you.

  10. I'm leaving 6/26 for Camps Ronoda on Lac Remigny, Quebec (3 hours northeast of Lake Nippissing/Northbay, 12 hour drive from Akron, Oh) for a week of pike/walleye/smallmouth. What are your favorite weapons/techniques for these fine sport fish up north? Lake is natural with a massive weed infested 15' shallow bay, deep main body with humps/dropoffs/shallows,etc, lotsa rocky or reeded shores, clear brown stained water. Camp is near mouth of small river that feeds Lac DesQuinze.

    Last year mid-June(record heat/sunny) we slayed pike by casting mepps#5 silver/white tail, silver/gold williams wabler spoons. Walleye responded somewhat to jig/worm, pickerel rigs, husky jerks. While we didn't specifically target smallmouth, we got some from pike/eye efforts.

    Wondering how predictable the mayfly hatch is? We hit a record breaking hot spell with a massive mayfly hatch last year during week of 6/19. The bite was ruined for us by mayflys with "white-outs" at dusk. The few pike we caught at hatch were stuffed with them. Any good techniques for overcoming this nuisance?

    Thanks for any insight from your north fishing experience! Will provide full report in "Out of State" section when I return from trip.
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    McQ Fishing Quebec

    ohiojmj, I like to bottom bounce with worm harnesses for Walleye. Snell length about 30", #4 gold, orange, chartreuse and white colorado blades with complimentary beads. For jigs I like to use 1/8 & 1/4 oz. tipped with Berkley's Power Leech or grubs. I have success with the Fin S Fish 4" black/gold minnow also. I'm not big on live bait anymore finding that the fish will react quite well to plastics although it pays to have some fat crawlers in your arsenal for slow days. I played quite a bit with the new Gulp nightcrawlers last year ( pumpkin ) with great success too.

    During the day I start my walleye search generally in the 25' depths and then work up & down a bit until I locate a school. You'll find that midlake shoals and humps will produce well ( bigger fish ) and as the day progresses into evening shoreline fishing seems to be the key. I don't specifically target Pike finding them to be in the immediate area of the Walleye and deep starting around the end of June. The smaller pike will be around the weed beds and rock areas but the monsters will slip down as the surface temps rise above 70 degrees.

    If I happen to encounter a fly hatch I'll drift or slow troll in the top of the water column over mud bottom with a smaller bladed worm harness or lindy rig and half a crawler weighted with split shot or light egg sinkers suitable for the depth & speed. I really like smaller shallow running cranks too, especially in a rainbow pattern.

    That particular body of water is part of the reservoir system on the upper Ottawa River and is well known for its fishing. Lac des Quinze is also quite popular as I'm sure you are aware. On my group site I have an extensive list of detailed depth charts for Quebec which can be emailed to you "FREE", the only rule is established by MSN - to access document files you have to register with an MSN Passport or Hotmail account. The maps will open with MS Image or photoshop and the list is at

    I hope this information will be of help to you and others who are on their way up here for a little taste of our Quebec wilderness.
  12. McQ,

    Refreshing to see someone from up north on the site and your presence only makes me long for our annual trip up your way. I am lucky to have a wife who is Canadian with a family cabin on a small lake in the Wakefield area. Great smallmouth fishing! Been going up there for over 20 years now. Quite a few years ago we did venture up to La Verendrye but for the last few years have been exploring the Ottawa and Rideau for those elusive monster muskies. More so the Ottawa. Fished both east and west of the city, Rockland/Westover and Arnprior area. You chase any muskie or predominately walleye?
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    McQ Fishing Quebec

    I live about 10 minutes from the river and fish east of the city for walleye primarily but those pesky small mouth, musky and northerns sure do like to eat my baits too. The river has some real duker small mouth and the muskies grow big too. Pike tend to run on the small size with a 12 #er being a huge fish for this part of the system. Got good channel cat action as well, they don't seem to grow as big as what you folks have on the Ohio river for example but there are a ton of them.

    Our annual "CATFEST" is running this weekend out of Arnprior. There will be a few tons of cats caught.

    If you're in the area and I'm in town it would be a pleasure to share a boat for the day.