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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to this website but have been fishing in the Dayton/Huber area for a little while now. I wanted to know if anyone would lead me to a place close to Huber/North Dayton area that are semi decent to fish. The places I used to fish were Eastwood, Carriage Hill, the river off of Rip Rap Rd, and a few paylakes (hides behind cover for that one). Aside from that I've been wondering where to fish.

    In all the places mentioned above I've never caught anything notable at most locations. Although a large sin of mine is fishing the same spot.

    So help! I'm game for just about all kinds of fish so it can be whiskers or crappie.

    Unfortunately there are not many websites dedicated to the Dayton area so I'm glad I found you all!
  2. Welcome to the site - keep your eyes open as there is always good info about the area here.
    As far as good spots, you've got 'em in your back yard - the GMR and Stillwater are both excellent smallmouth bass fisheries. Check out the maps produced by the Miami Conservancy district for access points and scout around:

  3. welcome to the site,, Im also from huber heights and there are plenty of good fishing holes around here. One suggestion that I can give you is just to search the GMR for good spots(such as dams, low dams, and deep holes). You mentioned that you fish the GMR off Rip Rap, which there are a few good holes over towards that way.
  4. Awesome! thanks for the link! One thing that is a bummer is I'm unfortunately limited to shore fishing or wading. I'm boatless. :)

    The only area I've fished on Rip Rap has been from fishburg to the bridge right before cargill. I've mainly used rooster tails of different lighter colors. I've never used a jig or learned how to properly setup a jig and how to fish it. I've used plastic worms and rigged them and haven't had great successes either.

    I'm basically a fishing newbie. I've never really been diehard fishing except for when I was a kid with wax worms and a bobber. Recently I've just been to Rainbow Lakes but this year is starting off slow and I'm wanting something different than catfish.

    What are some decent holes around Huber?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and thanks for the warm welcome!
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    Like BigSmallieMike said...we have some great rivers in the area. I live in Fairborn, I hit the Stillwater, Mad and Little Miami a lot. I recommend getting yourself a kayak and float the rivers. Doesn't get any better than that. You'll find those holes you;re looking for through trial and error when you float.
  6. Are there any access points you can think of that are accessible by shore/wading?