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My buddie and i decided we wanted to go to lake Chautaqua for both us graduating College. (3 hours from home) this turned out to be the trip from H&!!

Got home from college thursday night and started loading stuff up for the trip. Load every thing up and wouldnt you have it. I have 2 tackle bags missing out of my garage, (had one stolen earlier at College one of the ones that was stolen was the one i replaced it with) (worth $400 in soft plastics) one fishing pole ($70) and a battery tender($40). Just great!!!:mad:

So we leave at 4:30 am for New York.We arived at the campground to find no one was around to check us in we had to wait 2 hours to get checked in.

Take the boat out that night. It was running a little rough and died. kept trying to start it and eventually ran the battery dead (fuel line was loose). We got towed back by a pontoon boat over a mile. Very embarrassing.:(

But wait there is more.

We go out saturday morning bright and early on the water by 6 nothing is biting so by 11 we go to our last spot before lunch. While there a big wave hits us. my buddie looses his balence and drops his rod and reel in the water ($160)

But it still gets better!!!

We decided to come back in. we noticed the mortor had been cutting out and wasnt going up on plane like it should. We started to hear a clanking noise comeing from the motor. Well the lower unit decides to go out on us. ($2700)

And come to think it about it 5 years ago next week we had a faimly trip up there where the whole entire wheel came off of our Ram on our way up there on I-90.


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I got stopped last fall for taking a picture of the Empire State Building.
I'm a typical tourist and take pics of everything when I travel to show my wife.
I was stopped and interogated and was force to delete my pictures or he (traffic cop) was going to take my camera. If you protest, you will be arrested for interfering with official business.

No pictures of bridges, toll booths, tunnels or landmarks. There is no law but they will arrest you if you try to stand up for your constitutional rights.
I'll not go to New York again. I'll spend my money in a less paranoid and more friendly city (like NYC was ever friendly to anybody???)
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