NEW! Wednesday Night Bass Tournaments at Griggs Reservoir!

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by fishingredhawk, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. fishingredhawk

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    John Garrett (TheBigJG) and I (fishingredhawk) will begin hosting open bass tournaments at Griggs Reservoir every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. sharp, starting this Wednesday (6-25-08).

    We have a nice set of digital scales and a weigh tub. Our goal is to provide the guys who fish this tournament with a fair and efficiently run competitive tournament.

    Entry fees are $20 per single or $40 per team. We will be paying back 100% of entry fees collected every night, based on the pay schedule set forth in the official rules. Please take a look at the official rules and details attached below. If you are interested in fishing, we will collecting entry fees beginning at 5:15 this Wednesday. Come and fish with us, and I promise you will have a good time!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM or cell phone.

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  2. Nickadams

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  3. Definitely will be there....

    it's about time :)
  4. Phil Carver

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    Great job with getting everything together guys. I look forward to fishing as many as I can this season. :)
  5. We'll try to make as many as we can. Looking forward to it. Are you and John fishing separate or together.
  6. Thats great; I have been sick for the last week but I wll try to make has many i can...........
  7. fishingredhawk

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. It looks like it will be a pretty good turnout!
  8. I love it!
    wish i could go
    good luck
    I'll spread the word
    never know, when you least expect it, i may have opportunity to donate