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  1. stoped at gander , picked up some vibe in blue box , they look great noticed they have rings on the hooks ,where the older ones did not.
  2. I saw those today at Gander Mt. in Canton.

  3. Lewzer

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    Saw those too at Kames yesterday. They had a new company name on them too. I wonder whether those split rings will cause the hooks to entangle with each other or the line more often???
  4. I:LL let you know, IF the lakes open I:M going thursday.
  5. I think it's the same lure, just a different color hook and packaging... I hope those hooks hold up a little better... Great lures though!
  6. My buddy makes the homemade vi bees he had some with rings on them i me and him didnt like them because they tangled up to much rod bender is the new company to vibee
  7. They put on split rings so they can use a closed eye hook that is less costly then the mustad split eye hooks that cost as much as making the lure.They will hold fish better when hooked but tangle a lot causing loss of vibration.
  8. I fish some with the guy that owns the company and he said they were going to make some changes but wouldnt say what. Hate to see them put split rings on tho. They get tangled up so much more like the Sonars do. Still a great bait anyway.Will just have to buy some of the split hooks.
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    Will somebody post a picture to show us what you're talking about.
  10. they have rings holding the hooks on , thats the only diff, if I go? I:LL let you know .
  11. with a lure that has become so popular, im shocked that they would dare even change the box color, let alone the acutal lure! Everyones got to get their fingers into stuff. Its like a sign that says WET PAINT and people have to touch it to see if the sign is right.
  12. misfit

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    i'm with you josh.if it ain't broke.....................don't fix it:mad:
    the split trebles have their cons,but also have pros.but split rings i can do without.
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    The company changed hands, Bill Henkel sold it due to health issues. So the new company must have wanted to due some things to the lures.
  14. I've fished the Vib-E for years and ALWAYS changed out the hooks for split rings and Gamakatsu hooks along with adding a split ring to the line tie instead of using a snap like a lot of guys.
    It tangles up a little more but not enough to be an issue and more importantly I lose less fish!
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    TNT Tackle has the Lit'L Nitro and he still uses split hooks. Pretty sure they're for sale at the Causeway, Salt Fork, Fin, Feather and Fur, Erie Outfitters, Rodmakers, Wharf and Hookers. Matthews in Michigan and some online stores too. There was a list on here last and that's the best I can recall where to get em.
  16. hey murph is dat you????:confused: