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As I write ,a team of boats,volunteers?, led by Vermilion Port Authority's Dock Master Bill Mccarthy are dragging debris(bustin ass!) from the river and in my opinion going above the call of duty. River,(the launch) will be accessible,today from here on out barring any more storms.Thanks to there efforts!(Hats off you guys,(Mccarthy and team!) from the fishermen and boat owners docked in the river!Business owners too!
If in the event you need river conditions after a storm for launching purposes call The Dock Master's office at 440-967-7087 or the shop here 440-963-0088.

The previous fishing report posted still stands all info is accurate as of right now.

Thanks again Bill and team.(Up till today never thought to much of this fella,damn was I wrong,he earned my respect!)

Best regards and safe fishing,
Bait Dave
1612 State road
Vermilion,ohio 44089
Thanks to Bill we WILL BE open Mon. Tues.!!!!!
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