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    Last year, my wife was telling me about some lady that she worked with. I guess her husband was a big-time fisherman on Lake Erie but he had to get both legs amputated because of sugar diabetes. I felt like crap for him , so I gave them a couple bags of walleye and a bag of perch fillets. They told my wife that it was the best fish that they had ever had. I kinda got the feeling that they hadn't had any in a while. Anyway, they thanked me by giving me a Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer that was only used a couple times.(Model 550).
    What type of bags do you guys use? Gallon? Quart? Rolls? How much can you put in a bag? Do you pre-freeze the fish for and hour or two like the manual says? Where do you buy the bags at? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
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    I get the bags in rolls from Walmart and make what size I need, I freeze Skipjacks and Shad with mine for my tournaments. I try to freeze them first then vacuum them less messy but sometimes I have so many that I'm forced to do it while still fresh, it will really shorten the life on one if you suck up Skipjack or Shad slime, I use it for nothing else...........Doc

  3. My wife and I love ours! I used it last year to help keep my jerkey fresh. Man does it work. Had some yesterday and tastes as fresh as the day I made it. ;)

    We use the actual FOOD SAVER brand rolls. I have heard both ways on using the other brands, but we stick to maker's rolls. We get ours at Sam's Club. If I remember correctly, we got one box that had 4 rolls of the 11" wide rolls and 2 8" wide rolls for about $45. It sounds like a lot, but so far I have butchered 3 deer, packaged quite a few lbs of bulk meat, pre-made breakfast omlets and a fair share of left overs and I still have most of one 11" roll left.

    However, I would recommend the rolls over the pre-made bags. Its cheaper and you can choose how large of a bag you want.
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    I get'em from Walmart and use the Foodsaver brand. I use both the rolls and quart size bags. The Quart size are ideal for a two serving meal of fillets or anything else you want to keep for an extended time.
    Last summer we stopped and picked up a couple of dozen ears of fresh corn. Cut it off the cobbs and mixed it with green bell peppers, onions and tomato's. These make for nice quick meals and they're just as good as the day you put them up...! ;)
  5. i buy mine at Sam's but if you watch the sale flyer's for Kohl's they often have great deals on bags. At sams you can get a variety pack that i think comes with like 2 or 3 wide rolls and 2 narrower rolls.
    I vacuum just about anything going in freezer that won't be eaten for a week or more.
    For fish, i rinse well, then lay fillets on layers of paper towels and pat as dry as i can. Then I wrap however many makes a good dinner portion for you in saran/plastic wrap. I then take like 4 of these and put in a bag and vac seal it. When I want fish, I simply carefully open bag with scissors, wrap it on a counter edge, remove what fish i want then re-vacuum and return the rest to the freezer.
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    one tip about thawing out your meat in a vacuum bag is to poke a small hole in it while its still frozen. if you dont the vacuum will pull all the juice from the meat while its thawing.