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New User/ Fly phisher

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by pacebradpace, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. pacebradpace

    pacebradpace Fly Phisher

    Houdy yall,
    Proud to be a part of the community!!!!!!! Just recently became very iinterested in fly fishing (about 9 months ago and i fish 3-7 times a week) and I have been mainly fishing the LMR South in Cincinnati at the nature preserve in terrace park... there are a couple of questions I would like to ask.... what do i use for carp? are there any other good spots on the LMR south? Or where else are there some good spots (I went to the GMR today in Cleves and it wasnt that good). Just looking for some hints and/or a good buddy to fish with.....
  2. bwhntr4168

    bwhntr4168 always take a child

    welcome, aboard
    were glad to have you ! also keep that rod whipping! from the sound of it thats not a problem 3 to 7 times a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Hey Phisher, Since your in Cinci. and fishing the Terrace Park area I have a fly fishing shop called A&N Outfitters in downtown Milford. Just a couple of blocks from the 50 bridge into Milford. Stop in and I'll get you into some fish. S
  4. Red The Fisherman

    Red The Fisherman River Rambler

    Welcome aboard! Check out A&N, he'll hook you up! Phish on brother.