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  1. Hi all, New to the forum and to OHIO fishing. I am looking at buying a bass tracker fiberglass boat with a 90 hp motor. Can anyone give me any advise on this? It's at a dealer and they will check it out to make sure all is well with the motor. Does anyone have one of these boats or know anyone with on that can tell me if they are good or not? Thanks all

    PS this is a nice site. :)
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    Welcome JaredJ!

    A lot of our members fish from Trackers, although it seems most are aluminums...I'm personally not familiar with their glass it a Nitro, or a true Bass Tracker?

    I would imagine it's a solid boat, but like anything used you need to go over it with a fine toothed comb. Make sure the transom isn't soft, and the hull is solid. A lot of glass boats get stress cracks on the gunwales, which usually are just cosmetic in the gelcoat. Don't let those alarm you, unless it feels and looks like structural damage.

    Make sure the dealer compression tests the powerhead and pressure tests the lower unit on the outboard. Most dealers do that before they'll take a boat in on a trade, but double check.

    Those are just general things to look for. If you give us the model and specs of the boat, some of our members might know first hand what you're looking at.

    Again, Welcome to!

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    A friend of mine had one and never really had any major problems with it. Like shake said, make sure they test everything out. You might also them for a warrenty period if you buy the boat from them. Also take it out and run it before you sign the final papers. If they want to sell it they will work with you.
    Also welcome to the site. We're glad to have you here.
  4. I bought it today. They mechanics said all is well with the boat for its age. I took it out today with my wife. It was very intimidating. This is my first boat so I'm not sure what to expect. Launching was easy. Luckly no one was around. :D Started right up, no problems. Put it in gear and drove away slowly. Past the booies and gave it some gas.. The front end went high(at least it seemed high to us). Then gave it more gas, stayed high. Waiting for it to level out and it didn't. I lowered the engine a little more and then leveled out some. Scared us :eek: ( We launched at Griggs) We lapped up to the bridge and back around a few times just to try and get the hang of things. One thing I have a question about is when I put the throtle all the way forward, it waits about 5 or 10 seconds before it really picks up speed, and that is when it levels out. Is that normal? Also when going at the faster speeds, it feels like we are skipping across the lake, should it be like that also? Please forgive my questions, Im new to all of this :)

    Now its time to go, So we went back to the ramp and loading the boat back was difficult. At least for me. How far should the trailer be in the water when loading the boat? Should I drive the boat all the way up the trailer or should I use the tie down rope to pull it up? I'm very thankful no one was wanting to launch or load :) Took probably 15 minutes to load the boat. :confused: I will be going out tomorrow agian at Griggs, but will fish this time, how hard is it to do by yourself loading and unloading?

    Thanks all for welcomes and sure hope to see some of you on the lake
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    Sounds like maybe you aren't trimming when you should, or trimming when you shouldn't. I assume the boat has power trim? When you give it gas, do your RPM's shoot up just as slow as the speed picks up, or does it rev high with slow speed gain. If it revs high and fast but you don't gain speed, you might not be trimmed down enough. On the other hand, if you are wide open and not gaining speed, you need to trim it up, making sure not to exceed the recommended RPM's for your outboard. Trimming can effect the "skipping" feeling you have, as well as the slow starts.

    Also, don't be afraid to be aggressive with the throttle on the start. Give it a burst to get it on plane, then back it off to cruise. You shouldn't need to hammer it, but don't baby it.

    Don't sweat being new at it either. All boat owners have been at one time!

    Trailering the boat differs from trailer to trailer. Most fiberglass boats anymore have drive on trailers, but older boats may not. The depth you need to sink it will vary too...on a typical bass or fish/ski, you generally sink it so the fenders are 2-3 inches above the water...atleast thats the zone on the 2 I've owned. Like getting the feel for driving the boat, you'll figure it out by trial and error.

    Griggs is a good place to practice. Decent ramps, low traffic, and you'll never see a whitecap. Post a pic of your boat if you can, so we can give you a shout if we see you out there. A bunch of us here fish Griggs regularly, so chances are we'll run into ya ;)
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    Since Your That New To Running A Boat , You Should Take Someone With You The First Time To Show You How To Run It (everything You Said Is Normal) Also Know The Water Regulations
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    Jared, you may want to do what my wife and I did this past winter. Although the law didn't require it for us (because of our age), we took the U.S.C.G. Auxillary Boating Safety and Seamanship course. Our instructors were very good and provided a lot of valuable information. And like Edd said, getting someone who has been boating a while to go with you a few times is also a great idea. Learning from another's experience can be very helpful.
  8. Thanks all for your replys, I will post a picture of the boat as soon as I get the pic. :)

    Your right about the trimming. The gage on the dash showed the trim in the middle . I lowered it down to the down arrow and problem resolved. It has a 90 hp on it and I didn't think it would move this boat that fast. It topped off at 46 mph and was smooth.

    Went fishing this morning at griggs and got skunked. Is there any secret to fishing these lakes in ohio? I'm from Califorina and that syle of fishing doesn't seem to work for me here. I used pumkin seed, and motor oil colors on some plastic worms, white spinner bait, craw color crank bait, and a rattle trap.

    Thanks again all for your help. :D
  9. Here are some photos of the boat. Hope to see you out on the lake

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