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New to trolling

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by undertaker, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Ordered walleye planer board kit from Cabelas, going to get a couple rod combos . I have cranm baits and spoons. Just need to learn to use boards.
  2. sherman51

    sherman51 florida ice fishing

    I would suggest you take a trip out with somebody like its cheap schooling and you'll learn more in one day than you'll learn in yrs on your own. or at least fill a couple of empty seats with someone that uses boards. if you go on a charter tell the capt you want to learn how to use boards. then he'll spend more time teaching you the ropes.

    when I wanted to start fishing the central basin I took a charter out that used dipsey divers. I had never seen a dipsy used before. before the day was over we were setting the lines as the capt just watched over us. after that trip we were able to go out on our own and run 3 dipsies off each side of the boat. we did get a few tangles at first but there rare now. good luck to you with the boards.
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  3. I wax leaning more towards a couple good nooks to buy. Move of a solo person
  4. You tube helped me immensely with the offshore boards I got. Just type in your brand and it will come up with videos. The boards themselves are pretty easy with a few minor adjustments to screws and springs. I have tattle flags. The tricky part is figuring out your presentations depth. So keep the charts that come with the packaging.