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New to this forum

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by buckeye4lyfe, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. First off I would like to say hello to everyone. I have been reading this forum for a few months and I must say you guys can be pretty entertaining! I have always been primarily into catfishing and this season is the first time I have actually targeted carp. I have a question that I'm sure some of you can answer.

    1. I use 4/0 size Gamagatzu hooks. I have been getting a lot of bites on a homemade dough and have landed a few very nice fish. The problem is I miss about 85% of the hits that I get. Are my hooks too big? Carp seem to like to nibble mostly. Should I wait till my pole nearly gets dragged in the water?

    2. I am planning to fish Alum Creek this weekend. Are there any good spots (if they are not secret!) that someone is willing to share for carp fishing? I tried a couple of weeks ago and did not fare too well.

    I appreciate any input and look forward to chatting with you guys.
  2. Welcome to the forum...lots of great info here. To answer question 1...a 4/0 hook is much too large for carp. I generally use a size 6 or 4, and never anything larger than a 2. Bigger hooks will work, but your hookup rate will be less, particularly if you are using a dough. That brings up a second point...I fished doughbaits for a long time, and even with the best hooks it can be tough to get a good hookup ratio. Make sure the hook can easily penetrate the dough, even if this means leaving the point exposed. With carp, you can usually set the hook as soon as you feel any movement on the end of the line. I got frustrated fishing doughs and have since switched my methods around a bit.

    To answer question number 2...the breakwall near the marina is a popular spot to fish at Alum, though I don't always do too well there. I've caught fish both in the main lake and in the marina harbor, though. Really, this time of year your best bet is to find a flat or shelf that is located close to deeper water. The fish will move on to the shelf to feed. Points sticking out into the main lake are also good. A lot of the better spots take some hiking to find them, but I'm lazy and usually fish near the marina. Concentrate your efforts on the lower half of the lake and try to look for fish crashing the surface.

  3. welcome aboard.

    I don't think that there are any fish in alum any more. I have blanked the past three weeks that I have fished there. I have spent a lot of time checking out new areas. So that may be the problem. I have not even seen any fish moving or jumping or anything. I had to make a trip down to the river just to remember what it is like to catch a fish last week.

    Good luck

    I found another area that i think will be good,yesterday. I am going to check it out this weekend.
  4. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    hey buckeye4lyfe.. i'm the same guy you PMed on cag not sure if you got mine or not.. if you want to hit alum this weekend, give me a call on my cell.. :) i'll get the number to you in the PM here..
  5. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Your hooks are way to big, size 4 or 6 hook should do.
  6. TimJC

    TimJC Carp Angler

    Definitely fish Alum with Ak (Crappielooker). He will get you onto some fish and show you his methods. Dough baits are almost to complicated.