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  1. Hello to everyone on the board. I'm new to the board but just couldn't chit-chat and etc. like the rest of the group. I would like to say thanks to Kim and Brandon for helping me out so I can be part of a great group of people. I been sand bagin and reading all the info that comes and goes on here for the past 2 years. I really like the people that I see on OGF place just ROCKS!!! Well since this forum is all about outdoors and etc. A more about me my name is Brian and 36 I'm from Columbus and love boating,camping,fishing,hunting,and etc. My favorite thing when it comes to fishing is catfishing and crappie. When it comes to hunting I love to deer hunt with my compound bow and muzzleloader.

    Nice meeting you there Kim at the Columbus Sports Show.

    Anyways I hope to get to know some of the people on here and even meet up and go do some fishing and hunting 2008.

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  3. Welcome...I am a newbie myself. Very nice group of guy and gals on here. Columbus area as well.
  4. Brand new today - referred by Suchland33, who was at Columbus this weekend. I guess the show was a good event for you guys to attend!
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    Welcome. See what happens when you stop by the booth and talk for a while! Glad to have you join us.
  6. welcome. alright another tony fan.
  7. Glad to have you aboard!! Best site out there!!:)
  8. Nascarjunky.......welcome aboard.

    Is there a "Nascar" place that you might recommend to us?

    Ya might consider adding something to your profile that would help people know where you are located. Ohio is a big place....Lake Erie, central Ohio, and The Ohio River.....are not even similar.

    Never seen a place with more local fishing knowledge than this place. Tell people where you are.... and what water you fish. People will help you.

    Good luck.....be safe out there.
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    Welcome, glad you joined us! :) WB
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    Welcome, glad you joined with us
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    Welcome NascarJunky !!
    Great Screen name !!! 20 is okay but I'm a 24 Fan Sorry ! Leaving tonight for the race !! Wouldn't miss it !! Been going for years. Nothing like it !
  12. Welcome aboard !!! Let us know if & when we can help out a fellow fisherman.
  13. Welcome! You say you like to crappie fish so why not enter the crappie tournament. You'll get to meet some of the people from this site and have a good time. The more events you attend the better it gets. Maybe we'll see you there.
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    Welcome......Great site to learn or just share your stories...... Jon Sr.
  15. Ok lets see here lol...

    iam20fan= Kool to se a "SMOKE" Tony Stewart fan.

    Bobinstow90= Got it done on profile since I had time to kill. I fish at Hoover most of the time on my mom's pontoon boat. Plus you don't have all that traffic on the water like Alum Creek but I do go there and fish off the shore here and there. I would say 95% I will be at Hoover. I like Oxbow area for catfish and crappie,Redbank area,and one of the coves south of Smothers Rd. bridge and north of the dam. For hunting I go down to Adams County on family land.

    hearttxp= Well have fun at the Daytona 500 and Go TONY STEWART!!! opps did I say that out loud LOL!!! it's all good just having fun. I rather see Jr. win out of the Hendrick stable but good luck on 24 and a safe race for all the drivers.

    rattletraprex= Thanks on the info there have to check that out and read up on that. I just bought me a new gear just for crappie only. I got a St. Croix Premier Utra Light 4'6 rod and havn't gotten a spin reel yet like to find something for 2-6lbs. only. This will be my 1st. time using a St. Croix rod but I tell ya what with that ultra light feel and the play I'm sure it's going to be a freakin blast.
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    Welcome to OGF guys, its nice to have you here. :B

    I'm looking forward to reading your posts. :cool:
  17. welcome to one of the coolest forums on the net. The mods work very hard at keeping the trolls and troublemakers out. lets everyone share and learn alot easier.