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New to the forums

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mosquitoangler21, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas, i just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. If my name hasn't given it away, the main place i fish is mosquito lake because i live 5 minutes away from it, so if any new people to mosquito need any info on mosquito lake feel free to shoot ur questions my way.
  2. Welcome to the site M21!

  3. :F Welcome to the forum Mosquitoangler 21, your lake used to be my home lake, I haven't fished there for at least 2 years, Is it still as good as it used to be. I caught large crappies and nice walleyes, have to make a run up there if you say its worth my time and gas. Again Welcome I know you will enjoy being a member.
  4. Since your new u have to give up 1 rookie secret... I need to catch 5 bass tomorrow within 8 hrs and they have to be at least a total bag of 10.5 pounds! You can learn how to PM someone and give me some hints if you do not want the other anglers to know!!! :D :) need the info by 8pm--need to rig my rods!!
  5. Welcome.
    Great place to learn and share what you know.

    ALWAYS post reports on your fishing trips....good or not so good.
  6. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    Welcome mosquitoangler! Glad you joined us! :)

  7. Rookie secret lol, well what i can tell you are some of my favorite spots to hit. I don't know if any of you know of a place called Pikey Bay but its a small bay area to the left of rattle snake island on the north side of the lake. Its great for crappie in the spring and early summer and i have caught pike up in there. During mid to late summer the water is pretty low but i have caught some nice size channel cats in that area during the summer. Also, one of my favs is fishing around rattle snake island for walleye and i have caught some nice channels around there also. Around the causeway and spillway are also sure fire bets for good catches of crappie, walleye and channel cats. 2 summers ago i caught close to a 3ft pike in the park on shore on just nightcrawlers. As far as bass fishing i have caught many white bass around the causeway, one of my tricks is to go at night and hang a latern over the boat close to the water and i usually stay pretty close to shore and in most cases the white bass will flock to it. I haven't tried this in awhile but it has worked most of the time in the past. Believe it or not i haven't had much success with small mouth or large mouth bass in mosquito just a few occasional small ones workin the weeds and shorelines by the spillway and pikey bay.
  8. Welcome to the board M21! I've never fished your lake but hope to someday.
  9. thanks for the good report-- Yep Pikey Bay can be good!! And well named, thats the only place on the lake that I catch pike- Right now the lake is low, low, low. And the weeds are everywhere!! The bass have been a little stingy lately!!
    Good report, and welcome to the site!