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new to the carping got a question?

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by ohiocatan, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. My buddy and i fish for not much else but big cats. You can check out a couple picks ive posted on here. But the fact of the matter is for all the time ive put in a 45 lber jsut doesn't pay off for all the time wev've put in on the river. when we go and mess around fshing a little for whatever bites and pull out a carp that busts a 50 lb berkly scale. lol. it just figures. So im always up for trying new things. So first question you guys fish more lakes or rivers. and are prepared baits the best? Other thing was what to look for i read alot of this forum and dosent have to much on what to look for, as far as structure ? depth? ledges? suspended? or always onthe bottom? ever a float or always on bottom? Thanks for whatever info you can give me i know how it is on giving secret info. Other thing is id be happy to put someone on some big cats for someone to return the favor on carp thanks a bunch
    by the way im right across from cinci
  2. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Heck if you've already caught a 50+ lber....that could have been a new state record, then theres not much else to look foward too in carp fishing or anything we here can teach


  3. soua0363

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    I have caught carps mainly on the bottom since that is where they mainly feed. You will see carps hitting bugs on the surface once and a while, especially during the morning. There really isn't any thing to look for when trying to catch carp except seeing them. If you see some carps just rig up and toss it in and wait for the action. During the spawn, they won't bite much though no matter what you are throwing and the spawn differs from places to places and from lakes to rivers. You will know when they are spawning when they are all bunched up together kicking water.
  4. yup caught it on a green nitro nightcrawler jsut fishin for channels or what not lol jsut sittin back with some girls killin time. so best baits would you all say prepared? or not? THANKS AGAIN