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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here. Been lurking awhile and decided to sign in. Originally from NE Alabama and grew up fishing Guntersville and other Tennessee River Impoundments (Lake Wheeler, Pickwick, Wilson) My parents moved north about 2 years ago and I'm here now for awhile anyway. Have a 14' Jon-Boat I picked up last week as we sold our bass boat when we left Bama :( Been fishing local ponds here this spring and got out to AEP last year once. Probably heading to Salt Fork this weekend. Any and all tips would be appreciated. Water temps right now? Are the fish in pre spawn staging areas, or on the bed?? I'll be targeting LM Bass but of course am always ready for a nice school of crappie :) Thanks a million. P.s. I see there are various places to launch. I am only familiar with the main marina launch ramp. Any others that would be good?
  2. WarEagle83, here's the latest fishing report from Salt Fork dated May 7,2008 "CRAPPIE FISHIN’. Now is the time. Crappies are spawning in the shallows around logs, stumps, etc. Reports of large numbers are being caught. Several in the 12″ class. It should be good fishing for a couple weeks, After that you will have to work for them. Saugeye are doing great also. A lot of the 14 to 15 inch fish are being caught on minnows and crawlers in 4 to 6 feet of water. Catfish are being caught on Chicken Liver and Shad. Bass are still being stubborn. Several Flathead Cats were caught on Gold Fish last weekend. Largest was 24 pound. The Muskies are hitting Crane Baits and inline spinners. White Bass are also being caught but no reports of large number."
    Since Salt Fork has a no horse power limit we dont tend to go there much when its warmer out and the BIG boats are out. 12 ft aluminum and a less than 10 horse power motor cant compete *sighs* Fishing has always been good for us there tho, even in our little "yacht"
    We use the boat ramp and parking thats not to far from the dam.

  3. Sounds good. I thought for the most part the bass will be on the beds pretty heavily. I may fish a a couple local resoivoirs today just to give the boat a once over and then head out to SaltFork tomorrow sometime. We'll see anyway. Anyone fishing Salt Fork or Seneca this weekend. What are you throwing at them, lol?
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    Welcome to OGF WarEagle!! My friend keeps his boat on the Fork for the season and he's been kickin' bass the last few weeks!! He's been hitting them in the many coves/points toward the east side of the lake. Crankbaits, esp. in silver have been the ticket, and he always works a worm around cover. Should be a fantastic time to be hitting the crappie and eyes, too!! We use jig/twisters with worms for eye and minnows for crappie... Like hammerslady, we fish out of an 11 1/2' V w/ trolling motor only(get a lot of funny looks in the speed Zone) Salt Fork bait and tackle off the Kimbolton exit has good bait and can probably help with more specific info. Good Fishing!!
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    If you are from New Concord area, try the Morning glory ramp by the dam, it will be a lot closer than the ramps out US 22. Go to Cambridge on US 40, turn left (north) on 11th St - becomes Clark Street in a couple blocks - go straight for about 6.83 miles under I-77 and up the hill. The dam will be on the right, and a couple hundred feet past the dam is a turn in on the right to morning glory ramp. Lots of parking and usually not too busy. But I never go out on weekends:)

    I haven't been out since about a week ago, bass fishin. No luck yet but only fished for a couple hours. Water temp a week ago was 55.
  6. Sounds good Pro-Craft. If you ever need a partner for a day out let me know. I used to fish a 17' HydraSport bass boat but sold when we moved north. The new Jon is ok for now though :) If we ever hook up, we'll take your rig though :) Water temp was around 71 or 72 this past Saturday, late afternoon. Not much fishing got done as I was busy checking the boat out, aka.. making sure it was going to float, haha.
  7. Heading out to Salt Fork today to try our luck. Going to take advantage of the cooler weather before the BIG Guys go out and swamp the lil boats. Morning Glory ramp is the ramp we use also. Always a place to park and its close to the damn.
    UPDATE: ARGGGGG!! A bad day fishing is supposed to be better than a good day working well phooie on that one. The wind was up , white caps on the lake, 3 itty bitty fish, 2 crappie and 1 blugill not even worth cut bait. At least we didnt get skunked. There was a Crappie event going on there and we did see some pretty big Crappie, 15 inches or better being judged. At least someone had some luck.