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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by corndawg, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. Been fishing for steel for a long time (all the way back to the old coho stockings) with spinning gear and I’ll break out the fly gear every now and then. Steel is one of my favorite fish to catch and I’ll probley be on this forum alot. Hope to be able to contribute to the board whenever I can and pick up some pointers when I can’t.
  2. Welcome to the board!!

  3. Welcome to OGF. Lots of great fishers here and I'm sure you'll fit right in.

    It's a great time of year!
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    Welcome to OGF... would love to see pics and hear stories from the salmon stocking era! I been addicted to chasing these manistee strain since 2001, I believe the second year they were stocked.
  5. Actually, the manistees have been around a bit longer, with first stockings in Conneaut creek (mid-90s) as a pilot while other streams received the fall-run london strain (starting in 1981). Stockings were mostly salmon (coho/chinook) 1980 and before, with a few trout thrown in. It wasn't real glamorous - short run starting in September and mostly done by November. Lots of folks, mostly snaggers. Legal, since these fish are going to die anyway. The legal snagging ended once the steelhead started replacing the low return rate salmon. The londons were also a fall-run fish, only slightly extending the salmon's season. The introduction of manistees provided better return percentages and a fall and spring season.

    I caught some pretty long salmon back then (and even many years afterward) but were not real heavy. Those from michigan and ontario were much larger fish, weight wise. A few pink salmon were running during the 90s as well.

    I like the way it is now - where a bonus salmon is possible and a suprise. Too bad the brown trout that were stocked in the 80s/early 90s didn't take hold. Would have added more variety.
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    Welcome guys!!! You will find a lot of help on this site.

    As Steel Cranium mentioned, I also wish the brownies would have worked out. That would have been fun. I did catch a 16" brown while steelie fishing in the Rock about 3 falls ago. It was a cool catch.
  7. They tried to stock them in the Geneva harbor area for a few years. I heard that they would run to the east side of the lake (deep water) during the summer and most didn't bother to make the run back to Ohio. Therefore, we were helping the stocking in the NY tribs. Don't know if would have made a difference if they were actually stocked in a trib as opposed to the lakefront. PA still stocks browns in the upper conneaut, so between that and the new york stockings a few stragglers are around each fall.