New to the Area - a few questions

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  1. So I just moved down to Westerville from Sandusky, and don't know much about the waters. As far as fishing goes, I now realize I've been spoiled as hell living right on the Erie, and knowing plenty of people with boats to fish.

    I've always fished walleye and perch on the lake, so small lake, river, and reservoir fishing is pretty new for me.

    I've heard and seen on here that Alum Creek spillway is a decent spot for Saugeye. Any advice on lures / bait? I'm used to casting and reeling with erie dearies (or any weight forward spinner) and nightcrawlers. So I need to start filling to the tacklebox with lures for this area.

    Also, how clean are the waters there? Are the fish fine for eating? I love walleye, and seeing how closely related they are, I'm assuming saugeye are at least pretty good.

    Any other spots to try or tips for the area are greatly appreciated.
  2. Jigs heads up to 3/8 oz depends on how much rain and how much water being released assorted size and colors of twister tails,i like power baits, husky jerks and rattlin rouges sould cover all the bases the saugeyes are fine to eat from alum.

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    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    If you live in westerville find a point on hoover and start dragging baits for saugeye is my suggestion