new to ohio please help

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  1. i have relocated from massachucetts,i love to fish but there is no muskie or
    walleye there.please give me some ideas on what type of lures to use.
    thank you very much.
  2. Lancaster, I'm not sure where to find good Musky or Walleye fishing as I am very close to that area. But as far as Muskie fishing, I've done a little and all we ever used was the figure 8 and bat technique.

    As far as walleye, you will find that the lakes (except Erie) and rivers of Ohio predominantly have saugeye, sauger, and sometimes waugereyes. But all these species are pretty much fished for the same way. Leadheads and stickbaits are my technique. Ocassionally I vertically jig with a Vibe-E. But when you're a loser like me and don't have a boat, vertical jigging isn't really practical. You will find there are several experts in this area that frequent this site who are even more knowledgeable than me. I've never really had much luck on crankbaits and rattletraps for eyes around here. So just go buy a bunch of jigheads in various sizes and colors, twisty tail colored plastic grubs, some surface lures that immitate little fishes and that is a good start. If you have a boat, get a few crankbaits, crawler harnesses and crap like that for trolling.

    I know some guy who moved from Ohio to Boston and he tells me how good the striped bass fishing is up there.

  3. thank you, i do not have a boat either and striper fishing is great.There is a
    web site for striper fishing a lot like this
  4. I forgot. I guess there are some Musky in Hargus Lake thats pretty close to us. I just never fished for them there. I think I am going to concentrate on sneaking into area farm ponds this year as I am thinking about getting back into bass fishing. I got all the aerial photos for my surrounding area and know where all the ponds are. Now I just need to figure out which ones I can sneak into without being observed. Somebody told me once that if you just ask the owner and tell them you won't take any fish out and you will make sure there is no trash left that most people will let you fish. Well...I'm here to tell you, it doesn't work for me. I think all my inkwork scares everybody into thinking I'm a crazy drugdealer or something. Oh well...
  5. Not sure how much into musky fishing you are, but there are some lakes around southern Ohio that can be good. Ceasers Creek is one, but it's almost 100 miles. Others to look at in Ohio would be Piedmont (about 75 miles) and Salt Fork. There are a couple guys on this site from southern ohio that are into musky fishing. Fishcrazy, BuckeyeTom and EsoxHunter are the screen names that come to mind. Also depending on how much of a road trip your willing to make, there's an article in this issue of MuskyHunter Magazine regarding some of the overlooked musky waters in West Virginia. Another body of water to look at might be the Ohio River. If I'm not mistaken PA and WV stock muskies either in the river or its tribs.

    Also if Piedmont isn't too far of a drive for you, there's Tappan Lake not too far from there. I hear people catch saugeyes there. I'm not into Wall/Saugeye fishing, so I can't really help you out too much there.

    Here's another musky fishing board where you might fine others in your area to help you out.

    Ohio Husky Musky Club:

  6. thank you,mabey i will stick to bass fishing and i'll try for saugeye
  7. lots of ink does not make you a bad person,i have none but lots of my friends
    do,one is a tattoo artist and fisherman.
    i think i'll stick with bass and try for some saugeye.
    sneeking into small ponds thank you
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    Sheephead Master, my kind of guy! I have a few ponds I would like to "sneak" into myself. One is a tricky one, but has big bass in it! have a relative that caught 3, 7 lbers in one short outing there! :D
  9. that would be nice :)
  10. Rockbass, if what you say about 3 7lbers in one short outing at a farm pond, I'd like to sneak in there myself. Some people call fishing on private property without permission "tresspassing." Thats another factor to consider, if you ask and they say "no" then you are knowingly fishing without permission where as if you never ask and you get caught you just say 'oh...I just didn't think you would mind.' I look at it as simply sharing the earth that God gave us. Now, if I was going in there and taking all his fish out, that would be a different story. But if I caught anything over 8lbs, that sumbatch would be going to the taxidermist with me. I used to fish Hoover for saugeye a lot but thanks to a guy named Rick "the Misfit" Seevers, all them saugeye are way too lure shy for me.

    I am planning a little covert operation for this evening. I'm not really worried about getting caught at the pond, its the getting to the pond thats the hard part. I have to do about a 500 yard belly craw to get there!
  11. Good luck on sneaking into those ponds....that's a pretty good idea. Just like everyone hunting on private property they don't have permission on. Get real, if someone pays for the land...pays for the pond...stocks the pond....takes care of the pond....then why would they have to let you use it. It's theirs....and they can tell you to get your bag off of it. I just have no respect for anyone that goes around sneaking onto other people's property. This isn't the land of the free grazing. There is a lot of time and money spent on a pond to keep it nice, and then to have some low life come in and fish it just because they think they can, that's a crock of bull.

    So, let's just not ask, and crawl 500 yards to get man. There's a reason you need to crawl 500 yards to get there. You're not supposed to be there genious. ;)

  12. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i havent ever snuck into any ponds but their are some golf ponds that i want to fish................jim

    is that how you spell "genious" ;) :p looks wrong to me??
  13. is how bout genius....that's a little better. Some golf courses will let you fish believe it or not. We used to fish one up by Canton that had some big bass in it. It helps to know someone who works there though... :p
  14. Hoss, for some reason, I don't consider fishing on people's property the same as hunting. I think its because people have weapons when hunting and when people don't know where people are, you risk a chance of serious injury or worse.

    Uhhh...precisely sir. They don't "have to let me use it." I just use it. I consider it eminent domain of the public. Amish don't pay highway taxes but the state has to let them use it and you as a taxpayer has to yield to their buggies. If you've read my posts before, my bloodline has a little native american in it so I can justify using someone's pond for entertainment by just thinking that the land used to belong to my people until it was taken (not bought) from them. Again, I think using someone's pond for a little entertainment is harmless. Now if I drilled an oil well on their property while they were on vacation that would be a little different. Now using their swimming pool is fair game. Damaging or harming someone's pond as you suggest is not what I condone and in no way did I suggest that. People just need to learn to share nature.

    Maybe you should learn to live by your signature. Do you have a pond? If so, whereabouts is it and what are the fishing prospects for this year?
  15. Sheepmaster just using someones pond without their permission in Ohio is a $500. fine :) Good luck on your outings :rolleyes:
  16. That is a unique way of looking at things, but let me be the first one to tell you, that if you did ever show up at any of my ponds, pretending that they were open to anyone, you would be one unhappy indian when you left.

    There were a lot of ponds I used to have permission to fish because of one reason, I worked at their houses for them and cleaned up trees, mowed grass, raked leaves, things like that. Most people don't give until they receive something. Also, when you can get sued for looking at someone wrong, most people don't want to be responsible for you while you are on their property. That's why they don't want you there.

    Fishing is also supposed to be relaxing. I can't imagine that looking over your shoulder every second watching for someone to chase you off would be relaxing. It's all in how you look at things, and your point of view is just a little different, but hey man, knock yourself out, or maybe someone else will when they catch you.
  17. Hoss, that it a really touching story about you mowing lawns, milking sheep, and tossing hay bales to get permission to fish farm ponds but you really hit the nail on the head here when you said:

    [/QUOTE]Fishing is also supposed to be relaxing. I can't imagine that looking over your shoulder every second watching for someone to chase you off would be relaxing.
  18. I never said I milked sheep, and whatever you do to sheep we can leave out of this...I'm just trying to show you that instead of being bullheaded about things, you can try to take the humble approach, and put yourself on the other side once in awhile. Would you want me to come to your pond and fish whenever I wanted to. Would you like me to come snoop around the couch on your front porch. I don't think so.

    I'm glad the $500.00 doesn't bother you. Maybe for $500 bills I'd let you fish my ponds, and even keep a fish now and then. For another $500 I'll let you wade in my creek.

    Have a good weekend buddy...I'm off to do a little fishing. :)

  19. Good luck fishing tonight and let us know about your luck Kevin.
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    Jeeze, we were just having fun with this thread! If it was not the land of free grazing, would any of us be here??? Or I should say most of us?

    I have never had to look over ym should and worry abotu anything myself. If you are good at it, you don't have to worry so much.

    Well ok the one guy has a bird that literally flies aorund at night and will go to his house and hit his window until he gets up looking for somebody, but that is the fun of it! :D
    Some guys just take the smallest thing and turn it into something so bad. :(