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  1. Hello all,

    It's nice to be part of such an informative site. I moved to Ohio back in July from Missouri. I'm currently living in Wadsworth and I'm looking for fairly local fishing opportunities. Fishing was my favorite pastime in MO (spincasting, baitcasting, and fly rod) and I just didn't have the time up until now to try any Ohio fishing. If anyone is from around this general area and has to must-fish-spots, I would love to hear about it. I'm interested in taking my first try at ice fishing, local ponds or lakes, fishing from Erie, and most of all-any local streams or rivers. I really want to try some new species that weren't available to me in MO.

    So glad to be here,
  2. any of the portage lakes are a great start for all species especially bass. if you have a boat i would suggest nimisilla first.

  3. Welcome to Ohio. I suggest you keep reading these forums. For rivers the steelhead fishing is in full swing on Lake Erie tributaries. I believe that will last into at least March. There are many inland lakes for bass and other species and of course Lake Erie offers world class walleye with smallmouth, steelhead, and perch thrown in. If you like to eat fish the walleye and perch are hard to beat. You should post what species you are interested in and that will help other members guide you in the proper direction. There are plenty of opportunities in this area. Follow these forums for seminars, shows, and local bait shop events leading into spring. These are a great way to find out what waters to fish, what gear you will need and what to expect. Then you an decide what you would like to do.
  4. welcome. take rt 76 east to the best inland lake for eyes, mosquito , then erie just up the road from you.
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    welcome aboard jarod. lots of great info here. days and days of reading.
  6. Welcome to OGF.

    There's a good ice fishing lake off Rt 3 and 76 out West of you... Hubbard Lake, I think it's called. Big gills and crappie.

    Also, East of you are the Portage Lakes, Mogadore, West Branch, Mosquito.

    River fishing, the Cuyahoga in Akron/Cuyahoga Falls/Kent will produce smallies, LM bass, pike... Just gotta find em.

    Any of the Lake Erie tribs will get you steelhead

    Keep an eye out and maybe we'll meet on the water sometime.
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    Welcome and enjoy! You are in the right place to find a lot of info. I'm sure you'll see the benefits of being here right away. If you want to try ice fishing, (If you never have) keep an eye out for safe ice and you're welcome to come along.

  8. Welcome to our state and this site! Here you will find the greatest group of anglers and sportsmen around who are willing to help you better your catch.
  9. Thanks all,

    I appreciate the warm welcome and info. I can't wait to get a line weight and give fishing a try. That brings me to my next line of action: fishing gear. I left all mine in MO and I've yet to get my fly, spin, and baitcasting gear. I guess I'll start with a few spinning setups for versatility and move on from there.

    I'm going to try some of these local lakes soon just to try my hand at ice fishing, and then hopefully give steelies a try later. I'll keep you all updated on how my fishing turns out.

  10. Glad to have you aboard. Ever come central Ohio way plenty of good fishing lakes Just give me a P.M. i will help you out for crappies or saugeye. :)
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    you have to try the steelhead. There is a lot of information online. With a little understanding of the rivers you can time the prime periods for different rivers. By the way, set your drag light, these fish will tear up cheap gear and bad knots.
  12. Since you are in need of gear and new to this area I would suggest you visit a store such as the Rodmakers Shop or Erie Outfitters. The folks there can direct you to the proper equipment. The boat show is running from 1/11- 1/20 at the IX Center near Hopkins Airport. There will be fishing seminars everday. These would help familiarize yourself with the area. You would probably gain the most info by striking up some conversations there with some of us other fishermen who will be wandering around. Check the advertisment to the right of these pages for seminar times/dates.