New to OH, Where to fish?

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  1. I moved to Marietta from the South. Love to bass fish, but never had a chance to catch many smallmouth. I have a boat and some time, where should I fish around Marietta? Mainly bass, but I'll settle for anything that will bite.

    Thx for the info.
  2. well...welcome to ohio,i have to say i just moved to blue rock which is about 57 miles north on rt60 from you and if you know where to put in on the muskingum river you have you a spot i've caught alot of nice smallies and large mouths this summer there is also a place called aep that has some nice bass in their ponds but the ones you want for bass i cant tell you i only fished there once this year but for blue gill.....and there is a small lake out here in blue rock that i know has nice bass in it......if you need any help getting around to any spots that i know of just pm me and ill give you the best directions i can to help you out

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    Hello, I also live in Marietta, and grew up in the south. Where are you from?
    Have lived here for about 10 years. Fishing is tough for us Southeners up here. I have a few places to fish but I am also at a disadvantage like yourself. Very glad to see someone else move here from the south. We will have to go fishing.
  5. Welcome to Marietta Sapper. You picked a nice area to live. The fishin in the Muskingum is on now, about 2 or 3 pools up. My buddy claimed he caught 50 keeper spots last week. The St. Marys pool (upriver next pool) is probably good now too, heck I know there are some brownies in the Marietta pool, but if there isn't any current they won't bite. Senaca lake is north of here, bout 40 minutes, don't know if there are brownies but some nice largemouth. Hope this helps, if ya need anything else, just holler. Tightlines!
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    Welcome to Marietta! My family has been here since 1822. It is a great place to live. Fishing -The head of Buckley Island above the I-77 bridge is good. They riprapped it and the rocks on either side have been good for walleye, smallmouth and largemouth this year. Just below the dam at Devola is good if the river is at normal level. You can catch stripers, white bass, catfish and even some muskies there. The Little Muskingum which comes in just above Buckley Island on the ohio side is well known for Muskies. The point at the Lafayette has been good for stripers lately. Fish the rocks in front of the condos along Ohio street and the rocks on the ohio side of lower Buckley island where the gas pipe crosses over. AEP ReCreation lands northeast of Beverly has a large number of small lakes full of bass and bluegill. You need a permit from AEP to fish that. Check out their website. My favorite lake is Stonewall Jackson just south of Clarksburg on I-79. About a 2 hour drive. Full of big bass. Salt Fork and Seneca get a tremendous amount of pressure. Tough to fish and busy. Wolf Run at Caldwell isn't bad, but it has a 10HP limit. Below any of the dams on the Muskingum is pretty good. You'll see quite abit of fishing action at both the Devola and Lowell dams in the summer. The St. Marys pool of the Ohio, the next one above Marietta allows you to access Middle Ilsand creek at St. Marys which is also well known as a Musky haven. Going south on the Ohio you have the Little Hocking which is known for it's croppie in the spring.
    There is a local bass tournament that launches out of the Williamstown ramp on Thrursday evenings if you are interested in tournament action. Areas of caution - stay off the rivers if they are up and running, there can be alot more current out there then you think. And a lot of drifting material, logs and such. Pay attention to the No Wake zone between the ramp at Marietta and the mouth of the Muskingum. Several agencies keep an eye on that and can issue you fines. Watch the area just below Buckely Island between the end of the island and the middle pier. There are parts of the old bridge pier in there. Many a prop has died in there. Watch the area below the Devola dam. Move in from the area just below the lock going thru the markers there. There is a large pile of rocks there that you need to move around. Most people only fish that area in smaller boats due to the rocks. You can do well fishing right at the end of the lock wall there. There is access areas on both sides of the Devola dam to fish from the shore. Anything shad like will do you pretty well. White or black Rooster tails will draw both walleye and bass. And white twister tails on a lead headed jig will work well at the Devola dam on most everything. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to Ohio. Cann't help you with the southern part of Ohio.

    I know its a haul from down there but Lake Erie offers excellent walleye, perch, bass and steelhead trout fishing. If you enjoy two or three day fishing trips you might want to keep Erie in mind.

    Good safe out there.
  8. Thanks for the info, guys. I appreciate it. Been on the river a couple of times, but not much luck. I'll have to give those other pools a try. I found out about the 10 hp limit on wolf run a little late, but no ticket :)...

    By the way, from Alabama. Lived in Arkansas, mississippi, tennessee and missouri.
  9. i live in blue rock i can spit from my back porch into the river....if you decide to fish between rokabe and philo dams there is a launch on the lane i live on its privete but ill go down with you to put in i also have a dock still in the water i dont know how much longer it will be there but you can dock there and park your vehicale in my drive way til you are done fishing for the day.......if you ever want to use these things pm me a couple of days ahead of time and ill let you know whats going on
  10. you might also want to check into burr oaks lake....its a 9.9 lake also i think but i seen some nice bass come out of there...