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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have read these forums for a couple of years and just last week decided to register. I know I should have a long time ago, but I never seemed to have much to say that had not already been said.

    I may have met a few members of this forum in the past, however I have never been sure until tonight. I was out on Mogadore, off of Congress Lake Rd. this afternoon (1/22) and after the sun set I decided to get off the ice. When I made it to the parking lot a guy asked me how I did. I had an ok evening (brought 4 gill and 3 perch home) and told him about my trip. He had handed me his card and said his name was John. We talked for 10 or 15 minutes and during our conversation he asked if I knew about OGF. I told him yes and that I had just registered under this name but I had not posted. He smiled and said I may have read some of his posts. I asked his name on here and he said icebucketjohn! I laughed and said I had read many of his posts.

    Anyway this is a long winded introduction and a thanks to icebucketjohn and all of you that post information here and make good conversation with those around you on the ice.

    I ice fish mostly at Mogadore so if you see a black Frabill Outback 2 man out there stop by and say hi, I should be out there all weekend. Now I need to get an OGF flag :) .
  2. Hi Joe.

    Welcome to OGF. This is a great place to pick up good tips, and meet some great people... Enjoy


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    welcome aboard!! any ice pics???
  4. Welcome aboard fellow icer
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    What's his card say? Icebucketjohn with a picture of a guy sitting on a 5 gallon bucket?:p
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  7. Welcome to OGF ...WestBranchJoe...You have become a member of an elete Group Of Sportsmen...If and when you have any questions..Someone here will be willing to answer it...I felt the same way you do...But now I'm asking questions and answering some...Enjoy yourself.......Jim.....:) ......:p ......;)