New To Musky Fishing Advice

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  1. Hello all, I have just started to musky fish, and have gone out on guided trip. I am interested in buying some of my own gear. Just had a couple questions on equipment that I wanted to get some of you experienced musky hunters advice on. As far as reels go I am looking at the 2008 ABU GARCIA 7000i LCSYNC CASTING REEL LINE CT mdl # 1129166, or the ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 Line counter. Which one woud you recommend or perfer, and some insight on the difference would be nice. Also what kind of rod do you suggest? I.e Length, weight, action etc.
    I will mainly be trolling so thats the set up I will need. Thanks in advance, Dan
  2. If your just going to troll I'd get a couple abu garcia 6000's(the red ones) or 6500 or 6600's in a c3 or c4 also diawa make a nice line counter reel for 50 bucks. Put them on a nice heavy rod gander mtn sells one for 30 bucks that handles a 5 oz lure. Get some 80 lb power pro and some good leaders. Also a couple down east salty s-10 rod holders and your ready!

  3. The Abu 7000's are nice, but you might want to check Ebay and try to find one made in Sweden. These are the better than the newer ones. I agree on the Gander Mtn. rods, nice sticks and the price is right! As far as rod length, stay away from anything under 7', the longer rods make fighting the fish a lot easier.
  4. The Diawa SG27 line counters are hard to beat for trolling. I am not very good about cleaning/maintenence on reels, and I've got a couple over 10 years old that are still tickin'. As far as rods go, 8' medium heavy rods with a fast action by Gander or the Spence Petros rod from Reaction Strike are both decent and will handle a variety of lures. Don't go pool cue or you won't get that rod tip vibration on the smaller spring/summer ohio lures. Good Luck!!

    Cliff Honeycutt