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  1. I've decided this year I'm going to try my hand at Muskie fishing. I'm not a big "Trolling" kind of guy, a little boring IMHO.
    What are some good lakes I can go and "Work" to get me some nice muskies all summer long?
  2. If your looking for some muskie i would make a weekend trip down to ceaser creek right out side of wayensville in southwestern ohio. About an 2 1/2 hour drive from BG. I went to high schiool in wayensville and fished CC since i was a kid. There are some monster muskie in that lake. I believe they stated stocking muskie in 1998.

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    Clearfork is a relatively casting friendly musky lake. It is located just southwest of Mansfield.

  4. We tried it for the first time last November and my buddy caught a 46" on the second day on Salt Fork lake. The DNR stocke 3000 10" fish in Sep/Oct so next year the fishing should be great! Check out hte pic...

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    Go to the Musky and Pike forum near the bottom of the forums. There are some awsome guys with a ton of knowledge about 'ski's.