New to me outboard?

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  1. Just picked up a 1979 aluminum 16' starcraft with a 70 evenrude. I have had I/O boats but this is my first outboard. Previous owner stated he hadn't used it in a couple years but did change the lower oil this past summer. Seems to run a little rough at idle so I am thinking of a carb rebuild over the winter and plugs.

    Tips are appreciated.
  2. I would have a mechanic certified in your type of engine go through the whole nine yards. Carb rebuild (if needed) tune up, properly gapped new plugs, new water impeller/water pump definitely! Might also want to have compression check done also. Just a few thoughts. I'd also have the engine fogged for winter and the prop inspected before spring ice out. A good mechanic worth his weight should be able to go over everything with you as if it was his own engine he was taking care of. Hope this helps. :B

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    fresh gas and some new hoses /connections might be in order along with new plugs. they might be cracked and have dried out orings causing some air leakage. another thing i would do is decarb the engine.
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