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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rolland, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Well I found this site a few weeks ago and you guys turned me from a sitting in a chair watching a bobber dround worms guy into someone who wants to catch fish. I found out a lot about shore fishing and dif ways to improve what I was doing.

    Well, time to put all that knowlage on hold till spring I guess :( . With the weather outlook, it looks like we will be ice fishing soon. I have never been ice fishing, so im a total noob at it im sure. I will be hitting probibly milton, berlin, misquito this winter.

    What im wondering is any general knowlage that might help me research for my first trip, I have warm clothes, boots and I know I need to get a small ogger (not sure on spelling). I dont want to buy a blind untill I see if I enjoy it enough for the investment.

    What im really wondering is, what species are common to shot for ice fishing locally. I think the more I research these species the more I will know about habit, location and baits to bring. Also are there any umm.. "common locations" to ice fish or does everyone kinds spread therwout the lake? Like i said im looking around the milton, misquito area.

    TY for any advice in advance.
  2. First, haven't ice fished in 25 yrs....I was not good at it when I did it.

    This site has a search function that will help you find all kinds of info about ice fishing. About 2" down from the top and near the right edge you will find "search". Learn how it works and you can find info on almost anything fishing....any time of day.

    Hit me with a PM if you need an ice auger. Might have one in the garage.

    Good safe out there.

  3. Spend some time visiting guys already on the ice. Ask questions. Observe. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and tell them you're new at it.

    Best Wishes & Good Fishing.
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    As for Mosquito, go to the launch at the se end of the lake and head nw. You will see the "ice city" of others fishing. If you get in somewhat in the general area of others, you will be off to a good start. People are generally 50-60 ft apart, so you shouldn't bother anyone and you'll still know you're in the general vicinity of fish and most likely too, safe ice. Most likely, you'll catch walleye in that area, but possibly blue gill and crappie with the possibility of a northern also!
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    rolland,, the first thing other than a ice rod and reel to get is a pair of ice cleats. For 10.00 you will save yourself from falling. Just take a walk around the area you want to fish, ask a few questions, most (but not all) will give good advise.
  6. Wednesday evening, 7PM, at Gander Mountain in North Canton, I'm doing an ice seminar. Stop by and I'll get you started in teh right direction.
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    90% sure I can make it, thats awsome ty
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    hey carl, do you have an address on that gander? i need directions from warren. thanks
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    Good news, as long as we dont get to much snow (I plow snow so I would have to work) I will be there with my fishing budy. We may be a few min late :{ Is there any cost for the semenar, I usually dont carry cash so I will need to stop @ the bank on the way.
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    there is no charge for these seminars that we put on. That's just another benefit in finding OGF. Carl puts on a great show so you will enjoy it and learn from it also.
    Welcome to OGF also.
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    Sweet, Ty I will be there
  12. also look at the TIPS post. It is a sticky on the top of the hardwater threads.