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New to forum, local lakes?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by javelinguy, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,
    Im new to this forum and was looking for any discussion on a couple of lakes that are close to me: Pleasent Hill and Clearfork. Maybe I'm in the wrong geography (always thought I was considered NE ohio, but like my wife says I'm usually wrong).
    If this is the right place to be does anyone have any info on these lakes, good, bad or ugly? If I'm in the wrong place can ya point me in the right direction?
    Thank you
  2. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    Here is a site where you can find contour maps for these bodies of water. Just click the name of the lake and hit resource details. If you click on the fishing tab you can also find bait shops and other relevant info for and around these lakes.

  3. Use the search feature at the top of each main forum page. This site is unlike many on the web since all activity is kept present in the forum -- in this case, over three full years. This covers enough seasons that most topics, including the two lakes that you are looking for info on, are covered in most seasons. Just make sure that you have set aside enough time for searching since there's a lot of info out there.
  4. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    welcome..what going on javelinguy?
  5. Not much, thanks for asking ezbite.
    Stopped out a Pleasent Hill Saturday evening about 5 and fished until dark. Nothing big, just a few smallies and I think only one of them would have weighed.
    They were having Christmas in July, so the water was as rough as Lake Erie because of all the boaters, almost did a header out of the boat a couple of times:)
    Did anyone in here show up for the fireworks that didn't happen at Pleasent Hill?
  6. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Welcome Javelin

    When you said Pleasent Hill I thought you might have meant Pleasant Hill down by me on rt 213. I have a few lakes here that are doing decent so far but I realized I was
    Either way welcome aboard, good crew here, we have rough waters but its still a great forum.
  7. Welcome aboard Javelinguy! I am sure you will be able to find plenty of information about either Pleasant Hill or Clearfork from here. If you wish to view threads from the archives you can do a search using the link on the menu bar near the top of the page. You will see that there are tons of posts over the years. If you are wanting current info or something you can't find in there the guys here will be happy to help out.

    Also, the lake maps can be found at the ODNR web site which is referenced from the OGF's main page. Here is the link itself.

    Lake Maps
  8. hi javelin i might be able to help you with clearfork. just pm me with any questions and ill hook you up with some info