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    I have been around for a long time but I haven't been a fisherman for most of it. Took a trip to Texas to visit one of my sons, went out on a nice lake in his bass boat, had a good time and now I'm hooked. Bought me a bass boat (older but clean, haven't had it in the water yet and hoping for good luck) and now I would like to find some nice Bass and get them attached to one of my brand new lures. Anyway, can anyone give me a tip as to which of the four lakes, Mosquito, Berlin, Milton or Atwood would be the best bass fishing? Appreciate your help.
  2. You are gonna be disappointed here if you got spoiled in Texas.

    Ive never fished any of those lakes for bass but I believe Mosquito is pretty good.

    I usually fish Mogadore and Nimisila for bass since they are closer to me. THey are also electric only though.

  3. Milton would be your best bet out of those four lakes for largemouth and smallies. Berlin also has a variety of both but not quite as good in my opinion. Like legendaryyaj said Mogadore can be great but you cant take your bass boat, Nimisila is usually awsome and you can use your bass boat but just have to tilt up your gas motor, we always do it like that and have no problem
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    If you're willing to come that far from WV, I'd add Portage Lakes and Tappan to your list. Highlandtown is a good bass lake close to you as well. I think that's another where you can take your boat, but only run the trolling motor.
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    Hey there bowhunter, I would like to know where you are. You have logged in on the Northeast ohio thread so we have a large area to look at. I lived in Arizona for 28 years and fished there for fun and in tournies from 1971 to 1998 when I came back here. The only thing that is the same about fishing in Tx, Az and Ohio is the water is wet and the bass are bass. You will not catch bass the size you did in tx on a regular basis only once in a blue moon. More like a lifetime. We Have a northen species of bass that live longer than the southern bass but ours don't grow as big or as fast. Portage lakes are hot bass lakes but high pressure lakes. The bass in these lakes know each lure and the maker and year they were made just by the way they hit the water. Nimisila is part of the portage lakes system but electric only. It has flats, points, stream channels and current. Max depth is 30 to 40 ft at the southern end by the dam. Lots of grass and lay down timber. This is a crappie lake to beat the band. Cats, carp, saugeye, walleye some smallies with our champion. Mr big mouth. Right now Nim is my wifes fav lake because its her confidence lake, the one she can catch the most bass on. Love to chat more just ask some more direct question.
    don m
  6. i agree, if your coming this far you gotta hit nimisila.