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  1. I am from cleveland and am now a Ohio State student and have been looking for something to do down here during the summer. Me and my buddy went up and got a couple fishing rods and have been going down to Alum Creek and Hoover Reservoir the past week and a half and haven't caught anything. I need some tips guys, nothing seems to be working for us. We have used rooster tails, jitterbugs, just plain old bobber and night crawler, live minnows under a bobber, spinnerbaits, rat L trap and we have caught literally nothing but a few blue gills. I gotta be doing something wrong because I see on this forum people are talkin about pulling out saugeyes and bass from both of these places. Lemme know what you guys think any any help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Saugeye and Bass are highly prized because they are difficult to locate and catch. Do you have access to a boat or have you thought about renting one?

  3. Na, we don't have a boat and we dont really have any money to rent one right now...
  4. Any type of fish in particular or pretty much just want to catch something ?? Also, how familiar are you with the area ??
  5. striperfreak

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    No boat, fish the rivers.
  6. Just pretty much tryin to catch anything really haha. Anything is better than nothing...we're not very picky. If fishing the lakes isn't a good idea, then what rivers do you suggest?
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    try fishing off the rip rap at the'll find crappies and white bass within casting distance.slip floating minnies works,as does casting jigs,spinners and spoons.bass,eyes and cats can also be caught in those areas.try early morning,casting jigs,tubes and cranks along shoreline.the old bridge abutments at the mouth of big walnut is another ara for good catfishing.
  8. after i get back from my business trip from korea in sept. I too will be learning about Hoover. My new apt. is about 5 min from there.

    i did hear some good stuff from the bridge area.
  9. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    Scioto in dublin area is good, olentangy in powell area is good.
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    Also check out Griggs Reservoir spillway and the above dam banks. I've also seen some good things on these forums about the Olentangy River direcly on campus (anything you can get to from the bike trail) can be good, but I can't speak from personal experience.

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  11. Try up around Red Bank Harbor At Maxtown rd, and Sunbury rd. in the coves there. I have always had pretty good luck there and usually isnt busy with other anglers.
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    the Scioto river just south of Griggs dam is dynamite for smallmouth bass. Roostertails and tubes work just fine. Just be willing to wade.
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