New to Findlay question

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  1. Are there any good bait stores in this area? Thanks!
  2. Crawlers can be bought at WalMart, Meijers, and a couple of drive thrus. Minnows are another matter. There is a lady on Jefferson Street (off of Central , kind of behind the Salvation Army) that runs a bait shop that has minnows, I believe she gets her deliveries on Tuesday, so sometimes she's out by Sunday. You have to ring the door bell and wait. She's blind and it takes her awhile, but she'll get there.

    Other minnow source is Lafferty's which is just north of Van Buren State Park. She usually always has what you need.

  3. Thanks for the info. I did find Lafferty's when I fished Van Buren, but I am only a few miles from the reservoirs and going there with my boys is more convenient.

    Another question: Is Indian Lake the closest lake for a 24' pontoon/40 hp?

  4. Would be a tossup between there and St. Marys. Alum Creek is only an hour or so
  5. I asked the same question when I moved here 2 years ago and was surprised there isnt more around. I usually get minnows and leeches at the blind ladys store on Jefferson St. , both her and the old lady at Laffertys can use the business and money. But I still think that someone could do really good business with a bait shop if they were easily visable on a main road in a central location. So many try to run bait shops that are out of the way and you wouldnt even know they were there unless you were lost and happen to pass by it.
  6. I too have been surprised someone hasn't opened a bait store in a busy area. I did grab some night crawlers and liver from Walmart and did okay at #1 (7am-9am on Wednesday). A lot of action and one was in the 4 pound range. Didn't keep anything...just fun when the pole bends.

    Thanks guys!
  7. There has been a couple other bait shops her in town the last few years. None of them could make a goo of it. My buddy just got a permit to sell bait out by the resovoir. Wether he does it or not is another question. Any chance someone that goes to the resovoir would want to show me some secrets to catching small mouth there. Just looking for someone to go fishing with.