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Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by Fishin' Coach, May 18, 2007.

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    Im a member of a sportman's club in Arlington. Every year they stock it with hybrid bluegill and crappie, This year they decided to stock with catfish only, most about 12-14". I have never fished for catfish but next weekend is a youth fishing derby. Can any of you "cat specialists" give me any reccomendations on bait and rigging? I'm lost and I just want my son's 5 and 8 to have a good time.
    Thank-you for your help
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    i just use a worm with a sinker on it. but you can use alot of different things. i hear u can also use chicken or beef liver or some stinkbait i even heard of them biting streamers and nymphs on a fly pole.. just keep it on the bottom and you should catch some. i am not a pro at catfish but 2 days ago i caught 6 and my cousin caught 10 or more. but then on the next day i just caught one.

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    a nice juicy crawler or chicken liver should work well for pond cats that size with a slip sinker or bobber rig.
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    I completley agree crawler or liver, and when dealing with cats of that size I would try the bobber on one pole and the other with a couple of splitshots about 10" above the hook and hold that pole in your hand. Cats of that size tend to nibble on your bait alot and can be tricky to set the hook right on, so when you feel the nibble taps with your finger on the line get ready and as soon as they tug a little harder jerk your pole tip up about a foot. Hope that helps GL.
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    Go to the store and get you a octopus hook or a circle hook.
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    They love em and they stay on the hook when the younin's cast.
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    you wanna catch alot of channels use cut creek chubs cut them to desired size and wamma we have caught over a hundred between 5 people in one night we didnt even have time to set our poles down before they would hit them and if they cats dont like them the kids atleast get to have fun catching the bait
  8. i belong to a private club that has a 15 acre lake and they stock anywhere from 1000lbs. to 1400 lbs. of cat every spring and the best bait that ive had luck with freshly stocked cats is blue gill head, minnows on bobber, creek chubs cut up, hot dog, shrimp, just this past friday they released this years cats into the lake and we used a variety of the baits i mentioned and did very well catching some from 2-10lbs. range.