New to Catfishin in Ohio

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by timowebber, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I want to get out and go catfishin this weekend but dont know what bait to use or what works best around here. I have used shad while fishing the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers but do not have a throw net to get them here.

    Any suggestions on what to use for some catfish would be appreciated. I am not looking for monsters or anything to keep. I just like catchin em and puttin them back.
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    Check the signature lines of some of the guys who post in this catfish forum. Many of them have their own websites & can give you that information. (Flathunter, katfish, Doctor, to name a few) Nightcrawlers, minnows, livers, squid, etc all work okay. I don't like stinkbait, some so, but it.....stinks !!

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    Well, where are ya from? I think Blue Gills are great, becasue you can keep them alive so easiy plus you can use them as cut bait as well as alive. Something else to do it find the nearest creek, get some #10, or #12 (yes I know very small) hooks & catch some chubs. When Chub fishing in almost anywhere in Ohio you'll also find Blue Gills & Rock Bass, both are good Cat baits.

    Also there are lots of people (& several on here) that do well for channels on liver & nightcrawlers.
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    SWEET: I FINALLY got MR FISH OHIO....... You dont like "Stickbait" beacuse it "Stinks"? :D Got ya.... nanny nanny boo boo :p
  5. I was living in SE Wisconsin for quite some time after living down near St. Louis for a few years. My grandparents have a cabin on the Illinois River so we would go catfishing every chance we got.

    I have used stinkbait before with limited success, plus it takes days to get the stank off of you if you manage to get some on yourself.

    Does anyone have any luck using shrimp?
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    Some locals around CJ Brown sware by shrimp. I have never treid it. I guess becasue I'd eat it before I could fish with it!
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    Beacuse (like an excuse or a be cuse ??) Stinkbait...sticks !! :p Payback is so sweet !!
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    Oh man.... I cant even make it through one post!
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    Nope, you sure can't
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    Looks like I am gonna have to give Mellon Head spelling lessons..I hope they work better than my cattin lessons did.