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New to Carp- Can you guys help me out?

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by CShaver8, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    I am going tonite to fish for the monster carp that are located at the Zoo Docks on O' Shay. We are going to go in our boat, so i am wondering how we should go about landign these fish. We do have a rubber net, would that work?

    What kind of hooks, bait, and rods and reels should we use?

    THanks, and I hope to get some pics of the huge carp.

  2. hey, this sounds really fun, I'm sure you gonna get some monsters. I'm pretty sure whatever you put in the water there will be eaten :). They are soe used to be fed, normally I'd say just use corn, but there, I'd say just take a loaf of bread and try not to use any sinkers. They are probably used to eat floating stuff. You could try potato chips, but how to put them on hook? :)

    I'd love to go there sometime, make sure to post pictures! And get there just after the zo closes, I'm sure these carps know their feeding time.
    Good luck!

  3. What size hook should I use? I was thinking about some circle hooks, but now im not too sure.
  4. I do not remember the numbers, but I'm almost sure I'm using 4 or a bit smaller. It really does not matter, I catch carps on whatever hook I use, even really small. As long as you can put some bait on it. If you want to use bread, 4 should be OK, for corn probably a bit smaller. And I'd say 15 pound line or heavier, to make it easier.
  5. How much of a fight should i expect from the carp? They are really big, I'm guessing 33"+.

    Should I just land the fish with my rubber net, or can you land it by hand?

    Are there any stickers or spines i need to look out for?
  6. use the net. You will have a wrestling match if ya try to hand land them. Also go with size 4 or 6 hooks, you don't wanna go to big. Good Luck out there man.

  7. The bird Sanctuary is off limits. The docks aren't in the bird sanctuary. If they were, then people wouldn't be able to go onto the docks to observe nature at the zoo.

    I have seen numorous people fish the docks before.
  8. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Good luck CShaver,
    If you want some good tips about catching carp...give me a shout.
    Buckeyefishingnut is correct...bring a net...they are a pain to land by hand, trust me.

  9. Well guys, it didn't go too well. We got to the docks and the wind was blowing pretty bad. We could hardly even control the boat. We did not see a single carp, minus a few dead ones that were floating as we approached the dam. We are going to try to get out there some times when it is not windy.
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Keep after you know that area is LOADED with carp and some big ones.

    I bet a crowed day at the zoo with lots of people out there feeding the fish will get them in the area fast..maybe you need floating fish pellets to get it started???

  11. Just what I was thinking. We drifted by the "Feeding Dock", where there are the gumball machines filled with food for the carp. We were thinking about hopping up onto the dock to get some, but it was too windy out there.

    We did see a huge turtle that was dead. It wasn't a snapping turtle, so we wondered if it might have escaped. It definantly looked like one of those giant turtles on display in the zoo.
  12. I know a few places where you can buy bags of KOI food or just get a few pounds of it. I am pretty sure that is what they feed them out of those gumball machines. If your interested send me a PM and I will tell you a few places.