new to bass fishin on erie

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  1. curling beast

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    im going to go out either in bula or conneaut. im real new to goin out on the lake. i just bought a 14 foot sea king so try not to get me killed, that'd be nice of you. but i dont know what to use, how to rig it and where to go. im old in pymatunning and smaller stuff so i have plenty of the equipment. the boathas a fishfinder and 9.9 johnson if that means anything to ya. time of the year and a few other species would be nice too. thanks a lot!
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    I'll stress this. Use extreme caution in any boat this time of year. But especially in a 14 footer. Keep a cell phone in a ziploc where you can reach it. That being said: small baits and slow presentations this time of year seem to produce the best. You dont need to be in 40 feet of water either. Start off in shallow water. and be carefull.

  3. curling beast

    curling beast Gone Fishin'

    thanks. what about summer and stuff. i have no intentions at all in getting on my boat and going out right now. im lookin for some summer stuff and maybe spring. whenever its calm. thanks
  4. If the rig is "new to you" , might want to take a couple shakedown trips to inland lakes before heading for Erie. Figure out all the equipment operation and make cartain your engine is solid. Get a good feel for how the rig handles on the water, on/off trailer etc.

    Add a bilge pump if there isn't one. My 16' boat takes boat wakes over the bow sometimes even on 2' or less days. Should have a compass or two onboard. Hand held Gps is a good idea both for nav and marking those "hot" fishin spots. In tight, you probably dont need a marine radio but if you start chasing walleye/perch further out it's a good idea to have one.

    All the USCG required items of course.

    Learning to pick your days using weather tools is critical in small boats. Above the Erie forum in the Team OGF area there are half dozen useful forecast tools.

    Good luck with your new rig. Stay safe.
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    i would go east out of fairport harbor and find structure in 12 to 18 fow. troll some crankbaits in the color of red to hit that structure. dragging tubes is another good option too . you may want to use a drift sock to slow you down if it is a little windy ,or an electric trolling motor. oil color tubes ar any that look like crayfish,or gobies.[​IMG][​IMG]
  6. K gonefishin

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    I know a guy who does very well on smallies near the rock walls at Conny trolling cranks, troll dark colord cranks close to the bottom of the lake, deep little rippers, deep reef runners, 1/4 oz hot n tots, deep bombers, make sure the color is dark, iIve done well on brown perch, monkey puke, orange juice in reef runners, and crawdad colored hot n tots and deep bombers. I fish Clevleland and Ruggles for them though but same techniques apply.

    As mentioned by other guys, you can drag tubes as well. Floating rapalas off of botton bounbers will keep your baits in the strike zone and the baits right in the smallies face, just don't try that if your in a super rocky area with huge rocks.

    Hope this helps some. Good Luck
  7. curling beast

    curling beast Gone Fishin'

    thanks for all the tips. yeah i havent thought about the compass in my boat with just stayin in pymatunning. now i guess would be a good time to get one ;)
  8. Good old drop shot rig will work well also.

    The new ALIVE is a good choice.
  9. just get ya a pink Rattle trap