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  1. Hi all,

    First post. Spent lots of time reading and learning but want lots more info.

    My wife and I will soon be moving to Athens (grad students at OU). We fished quite a bit when we lived in northern California, a little when we moved to Madison, WI and absolutely none since moving to Chicago. Most depressing of all, the very last time we went out my wife caught a beautiful brook trout and I got skunked! As such, once we get up to Athens in August we really want to get our shore fishing lines wet. I've had some experience fishing for bass, crappie, etc. but I do miss my rivers with steelhead and such. My questions are these:
    1) What local shop should be my first stop? I'm almost completely ignorant of the area and, to some degree, even of the fish available in these parts!
    2) We almost always combine camping and hiking with the fishing, and I enjoy bouldering. Please recommend anything that might fit that bill.
    3) Is there any trout fishing (and boats to rent) in the general area when we get that urge?
    4) If you're a former river salmonid fishing couple, what would you recommend as our new target(s)? I like to eat at least a bit of what I catch, so muskie is right out...though I would enjoy c&r'ing them. I enjoy bass, too, but I'm just wondering what varieties and species of fish we'll have available.

    Thanks much!
  2. well hi i guess is do. there is many places to hike fish and camp. but if you ask me some of the best is the aep lands in southeast ohio. you can check em out at aep recreation lands. and the best thing is they are free to use. all you need is your slip, wich is free online. as far as the fish out there. everything from sunfish to cat fish. just down the road from them at blue rock state park they do let come trout go. hope this helps some. best wishes and good lock. jason

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    First off Welcome. Now to your questions.

    1. Local Shop, Well being from Athens theres not much choice . Fot live bait your best choice is Ohio Valley Trading located on Stimson Ave, over by KFC. And Walmart would be your other option , they are on East state St..

    2.Camping, Hiking, Fishing. Well SE OHIO Offers alot of all 3. Theres probably 10 State parks within an 30 min to hour drive of Athens that offer all 3 , mosty after Memorial Day. Burr Oak, Lake Hope, Snowden Lake, Lake Logan Dow Lake/Strouds Run, Fox Lake . As for Bouldering , Im not sure the eact location but ther do that up in the Hocking Hills Region.

    3. Trout Fishing. Well they Stock some of the Local Lakes with Trout , The closest one to Athens would be Dow Lake/Strouds Run , Also Clear Creek up Past Logan has Trout. And All the local Lakes have boats to rent .

    4. I have no Idea, Sorry

    Last but not least , You must get out to The Hocking River, Its one of THE Best Smallie Rivers , you will find. Also holds alot of Crappie, Eyes, White Bass, and other Species

    Good Luck , And I hope I was able to help you out some
  4. welcome to s/e ohio. for a long time i wanted to move to find better outdoor activities, but over the last five years i have realized i have plenty right here. the lakes and rivers around here are full of excellent fishing for bass, bluegill, crappie, and cats. any of the lakes close such as dow, lake hope, fox, alma, or rupert are good. you can go to the wayne national forest HQ and get maps of the land around here....and there are many many acres. zaleski state forest is very pretty imo.

    as far as boats go, you can go to OU outdoor pursuits and rent canoes. they are located in ping center, but you have to use the outside entrance. all their info is online. enjoy
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    2) We almost always combine camping and hiking with the fishing, and I enjoy bouldering. Please recommend anything that might fit that bill.

    My suggestion to question no.2 would be Salt Fork State Park. There are several trails through out the park with large rock formations that would fit the bill. I am not sure if the rangers condone the activity and may run you off if they happen to wander by. This is highly unlikely though since I have been in the woods for the past 30yrs in the park and the only time I ran across a ranger was during hunting season.
  6. hello....well welcome to the board for starters,as jason said aep is one of the best places i know of for camping and hicking,and for trout they release trout every year to lakes around ohio,just have to go to to see where and when they are releasing them at so there is plenty of trout to be had in ohio for the most part,but if you dont mind the ride a few hours north you can catch the steellies comming in that is something you would have to ask about cause i havent been to cleveland in ages....but you have all your common game fish all around ohio in most of your inland lakes
  7. Rock Climbing - Your closest would be Hocking Hills - Cantwell Cliffs in the park.
    Approx. 1 1/2 hrs. drive to W.V. Senaca Rock, big ol out cropping of a formation people are on it all summer long. Straight down rt250 camping also close by W.V. state parks are free primitive camping.
  8. Thanks everyone--I now have our weekend agendas right up until the start of school!