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New to Area: Need Some Spots.... BADLY!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tee_Whet, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, I just moved to Gahanna off of Morrison Rd. I used to live in Newark where I had plenty of fishing spots. I really don't know any real good spots yet. I have fished at Creekside a couple times, once with lures and once with worms. I have also found Woodside park. I cought a 9in Large mouth today and foul hooked a HUGE carp (lost my rapala to a tree... it came out of the carp), but nothing that I have been able to go to and catch something. I really just want somewhere that I can go to after I get off of work and throw some lures for about an hour and half or throw a bobber in. But that presents the other problem... there is no bait store around except up near Hoover. But that is a 15-20 min. drive and with gas the way it is... I rather not do that too often.
  2. Micro_Mini_Angler

    Micro_Mini_Angler live-2-fish

    water your grass really good and wait an hour and pick up the worms, there will be a lot

  3. I live in an apt. complex.
  4. Super walmart on Morse road (By easton)...I think they sell crawlers in cartons of 2 dozen. They keep for quite a while in the crisper drawer of ur fridge.
  5. Micro_Mini_Angler

    Micro_Mini_Angler live-2-fish

    every Walmart i have been to sells them, are there any pond at the appartments
  6. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    yep Walmart. Allot of times apartment complex have ponds, and allot of times those ponds are good fishing. Can produce some nice fish.

    Where i got this one.
    19inches and 4lbs. Don't pass on those ponds.

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  7. Nice... I know about ponds. I have been looking for ponds. OH OH OH! I just realized something! I do have a pond at my apt. complex, BUT it is only a big pond with a bunch of GOLDFISH! I JUST FOUND CATFISH BAIT!!!!
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    lol everyone is going to be wondering were all the Goldfish went.
  9. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    A lot of the meijers sell nightcrawlers too. If you're pond fishing for lg mouth just get some plastic crawlers or buzz baits. That's pretty much all I use for ponds.

    I live on the east side too and unless you like creekin or making the drive to one of the local impoundments you're going to likely have to find someone with a pond and ask for permission. There are a lot of apartment and housing complex ponds though. Some have fish, some don't.
  10. phisherman

    phisherman can't land em Teddy

    I have found that this website has a lot of info on local fishing opps in Ohio. Everything from B&T to reservoirs and lakes all over the state. You can find everything you need to know, before you hit the water next... check it out. Ted
  11. I was the dude on the other side of the pond. I came over to get a picture of it with the camera phone right before the Rappala went bird on you.

    I would have never thought a carp that huge would have been in that pond. Looked like you found Red October.

    I want to think I have read on here that the Woodside pond has huge gar in it too.
  12. I doubt that anyone will notice 10 goldfish missing. It is a good size pond with I say at least a thousand gf. The ducks will be happier too... the gf attack them over food.
  13. I have some rubber worms, I have these brown ones that look pretty realist. If I put it on a bobber you think that will work? I think I may also go to Wal-Mart and get some power bait or some of the spray stuff.
  14. sent you a message to a cple of my old spots did you get it
  15. BigLunkerSOB

    BigLunkerSOB Bengals 4-life WHO DEY

    Lose the Browns hat bubba and that would be a decent pic. I thought there was poop on your hat, haha jk.