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    Hello everyone,
    Must say that this is a great forum, as I have been browsing on a limited basis for a few months. Just moved from TX in February and looking to start fishing in central ohio. Sold my bay boat, so I will be fishing from the bank. Wanted to now if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction?
    I live in Powell and I am not looking for honeyholes, just somewhere to catch a few. Experienced at fishin bass and crappie, but never smallmouth, walleye or saugeye. Also, if anyone has a spare spot in a boat, i would be willing to chip in on the gas and bait. Any direction would be appreciated, thanks in advance for any tips!!

  2. sorry to say you will find the bass and crappie fishing terrible here compared to where you came from. A 5 pound bass here is like a 10lber in texas. And a 12 inch crappie here is about as common as a texas 16 incher.

    Its a bit of a drive but if you can get to lake erie either on a charter or find a spot on someones boat that is your best best for quality fish in ohio. Nice Walleye and fat smallmouth. Keep an eye on these boards sometimes you can get an open spot with an OGFer.

  3. The below dam area off of lewis center has ok saugeye, careful fishing there cause it is a real possibility that you may hook a muskie instead of a seye. Up on the main lake is where you wan't to try for crappie and bass. It is not far from powell, and if you hit it early am or late pm there won't be as much if a crowd.
  4. The muskie can really take the bait below the Alum dam. I was there fishing Saturday evening. Saw a guy throwing jigs for the saugeyes (which he got for the whole day). All in a sudden his pole looked like snagged and after a good 10min fight, I helped him land the Monster Muskie (together with two other person). I bet it is more than 40inch. Although I have never caught one myself, it was a cool experience to see a muskie caught.:B
  5. Welcome to the site TexasJon. You can find some smallmouth action below O'Shaughnessy Reservoir. There is a park on Twinrivers dr.. I think it is called Scioto Park. We used to get some nice smallies there.... I would just take white buzzbaits and white spinnerbaits. I normaly used the spinnerbaits with double willow leaf blades.. Always did real well with them there.

    You can go belows Griggs dam also. I used the same baits there. I do like using a Pop-R also that is made by Rebel lures.. I have caught some real nice largemouth bass and smallmouth bass below Griggs on that. Its a top water plug so you don't lose as many lures with topwater.

    Both of those dams aren't that far from you. As I tell anyone that might go wading. Watch out for drop offs. Get to know the area waters. I have caught alot of bass wading. You can give me a call sometime and I will give you better directions and help you out as much as I can. Cell phone - 614-946-8765

    Good Luck
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    Big Joshy nailed it IMO. Ive been fishing around central Ohio for over 35 years and ive just had enough. As far as fishing public waters around here IMHO, it sucks! Its well, well worth the 2 hour ride to Erie to have a very good shot at some very nice gamefish.

    That being said I think you can do OK around here with cats, muskie and decent crappies. No crappie action like down south though.
  7. so you will not find the sizes of fish here, but there is some decent fishing. If you wade, the area behind Highbanks Park in the Olentangy is pretty decent and there is several spots alnog the Scioto that are good. Scioto has more bank fishing access than the Olentangy. There is also Antrim Lake off Olentangy River Road taht is good for bank fishing with the bonus of if the fish are ot biting there is usually some good eye candy.
  8. Welcome to the State TexasJon - We always like it when the Longhorns finally realize the best team in the land is the Buckeyes. There are several good spots to fish here in Centeral Ohio - I for one like Alum Creek but Hoover is a good place as well - You can also always wade the creeks which is fun to do with an Ultra light.
  9. Local fishing doesn't suck around Central Ohio!!! Must be the fisherman, not the fish!!! LOL JUST JOKING.

    I've been fishing Central Ohio for well over 15 years, mostly the griggs/scito area. All the local streams/under dam spots are smallie hot beds. NOt a lot as far as size, but a lot in action. In a few hours wading I'll pull in 5-10 fish consistantly. But if you're looking for size, get a few buddies, go up to erie and get a charter. Always fun to limit out on HOG WALLEYES or Smallies.
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    Thanks for all of the pointers, I'll be sure to check a few of these out in the next couple of weeks. If anyone needs a fishing partner, pm me and I'll see if the FPO (fishing permission officer,wife) will let me go!
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    The fishing in Central Ohio is excellent and the only reason to go to Lake Erie is to catch BIG walleyes. There are plenty of big fish to be found in Central Ohio if you know where to look on Hoover, Alum, Delaware, Deer Creek, CJ Brown, Buckeye Lake and probably the best of all of them is the Scioto River. IMHO the biggest fish and quantities around are in the Scioto, but I know most people are afraid to eat those fish out of there. Welcome Texas and good luck to you. The OGFers here WILL point you in the right direction. Very good group of fishermen here.
  12. welcome aboard texasjon. i might add that we have some limited ice fishing here, which is my favorite outdoor sport. the folks down south don't know what they're missing.