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New to airbrushing

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by lawrence p, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. image.jpeg i painted these spoon yesterday all ready to catch some Lake Erie walleye
  2. they look good.
    did you clear cote them with epoxy or clear powder paint ?

  3. Very nice, wondering how good of an airbrush did you use and what brand of paint? Let us know how the finish holds up. I plan to try some of this also very soon. Thx
  4. I used a harbor freight airbrush but I am def going to upgrade that as for paint I used waterbased paint you get at Michaels and enviro lite epoxy to top coat them.
  5. Are you by chance talking about the acrylic floor coating "Envirotex lite", that's all I come up with, sorry ?
  6. Nice job on those spoons, and welcome to the, hobby. ;)
  7. was you able to spray this stuff or did you dip em ?
  8. You can't spray it I painted it on with a small brush a drying wheel would also be awesome but I haven built one yet
  9. if you have variable speed drill,you can make cheep drying wheel.
    1.cut off 5 gallon bucket to 6" from bottom.
    2.get 6" treded rod
    3.drill center bucket and fasten treded rod with washer and nut from bouth sides.
    4.get 2' 2x4 or any wood 2' long and 6" long 2x4.
    5.screw the 6" 2x4 on the end off the 2' bord
    6.put 4 srews in the short 2x4,the with off treded rod.
    7.festen clips on outside off the bucket,they will hold loores.get clips from HarborFreight.
    put that on table,turn on variable speed and you are in business.