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New swingaway tongue

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Warpath, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Just wanted to show off a great little product, the Fulton swingaway tongue. I just put one on my little rig so I could fit it in my garage in Cincinnati. Woo-hoo! No more monthly storage fees!!!!!

    I love the product itself. But what a project! The only real headache I had was that the bolts (1/2" by 1 1/2" wouldn't fit in the holes I drilled for them. The washers and flange nuts didn't fit on the inside of the tongue. They were too big. So, I reversed them. I put the big bolts on the inside shooting out, and then put the washers and flange nuts on the outside. It works really well. I highly recommend it for any one who has a trailer tongue too long for their garage. It has to be 3X3 in diameter, and all you need to complete the job is a sawzall, a drill, and some rachets and wrenches.



  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    That's sweet! I've never seen an aftermarket kit before, and that looks like it got the job done nicely. Swingaway's are worth their weight in gold for us suburbanites. Mine won't fit in the garage with out it.

  3. I should have mentioned where I purchased mine. I bought mne at Gander Mountain West in Columbus. It was conveniently on sale when I bought it. Regularly $119.99, but I got it at $99.99. They had several others available if any one wants one. I haven't seen them at the eastside store, or anywhere else.

    I know its a little expensive, but it will save me money in 2 months. Plus it gets the thing out of the weather. That may save more in the long run thna can be calculated.

    It only took a few hours to do, really, it just took me a little time a few days in a row to finish it.

  4. Looks great! You must have relocated the jack, aye... If I put one on my trailer, I might be able to reach and use the workbench in the back of my garage. Must overcome "fear of hacking trailer".
  5. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    100.00 aint bad at all. When we built our house I paid 1500.00 bucks to have my garage made bigger so my boat would fit and still be able to use one side for a car.

    Any Idea what the weight rating is on that gadget?

  6. I'm not sure on the weight rating. I'll look the next time I'm in the garage. It will shorten your trailer by 21 inches. I had some fear at first into cutting the trailer too, but once I removed the wire harness I was ready.

    I was worried the sawzall wouldn't make an even cut, and had thought I might rent a portable band saw. But the recip saw worked fine and I just ground the edge down to be even. It wasn't that out of wack anyway.

    I had to move the trailer jack for sure. If you look closely you can see where it used to be. There is a rusty spot near the new swing point that used to be the jack's position. I moved it to just behind the trailer's A-frame. I think it should be fine there. It doesn't interfere with loading or unloading, and it also swings out of the way and locks into position.

  7. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    That's a great idea. Thanks for the informative post & pictures.
  8. First, let me thank you, mrfishohio, for the great tutorial on putting pics directly in the post. I couldn't figure it out on my own, and your step by step process helped me pull it off! Kudos!

    Secondly, the gross tongue weight for the swingaway tongue is 3500 lbs. I know my trailer weighs 400 + lbs, and I figure my boat might weigh a 1000, so I shouldn't have any problems. I'm going to check the bolts after the first few times out, just in case. But it seems solid even with my alterations.

  9. JBJ


    Good to hear that you got things ironed out with the new implant, Eric. See you Saturday...
  10. Sowbelly I just bought one at Gander also my trailer tongue is 3 by 4 in. the load rate on this size is 5000 thousand lbs. $ 109.00. I have been looking for one ever since i saw the trailers at the boat show a few years ago.I have a 25 year old Shorelander trailer and couldnt find one until i seen the the post by " Warpath " Thanks for posting it
    " Warpath ", went out the next day and bought mine now i have to install it doesent look to hard from looking at instructions, good pictures and templet. They are regular priced $119.00 for the 3x3 in. and $129.00 for 3x4 in. Good Fishin Fishguy ;)
  11. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Thanks, that's why I made that longwinded post. It's much more fun to see pictures in the posts.
  12. I'm glad to see this item has been so well received.

    Fishguy, if you have any mechanical ability (which I don't), it should be a breeze. I didn't see any other sizes for the item, like yours for the 3X4 tongue. I didn't look very hard either. The only problem I had with mine, like I said, was that once I drilled the holes and placed the bolts in them, I couldn't get the washers or flange nuts over the bolt on the inside of the tongue as they described it. They were just too big. So after a little thought I decided to try them the reverse way. I put them inside the tongue and attached the washers and flange nuts on the outside. I always carry a small tool box with me any way, so I'll just make sure I check them while I'm on the road. Good luck to you installing yours, Fishguy.